Artimis x Stafiz

Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) optimization with Stafiz: Artimis case

  • Increased visibility
  • Simplifies processes
  • Improved project profitability

Before Stafiz, Artimis used Excel files to manage team planning, project monitoring and leave management.
It was imperative to structure the growing activity and having the appropriate tool for this became strategic. With Stafiz, they found a tool to industrialize project monitoring, the resource planning and team planning.

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  • Scope: France
  • Users: 50 employees
  • Sector: Consulting

Context and problem

Artimis, a consulting company specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Artimis stands out for its commitment to the well-being of its consultants and its family approach within the company. The company is experiencing rapid growth, passing the 30-employee mark, which has created new challenges in terms of internal management.

The issues Artimis faced proved to be significant obstacles to effectively managing its growing business. First of all, using Excel files to manage planning, project monitoring and leave management had become tedious and inefficient, leading to wasted time and the risk of errors.

Additionally, the company's rapid growth has created a compelling need to structure internal operations to maintain service quality and project profitability.

Finally, choosing the right solution was crucial, because it had to resolve these problems while adapting to the company culture. Selecting Stafiz as a solution was a strategic step to overcome these issues and improve the overall management of Artimis.

Their needs in brief:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Data visibility and analytics

Arnott Hales - Artimis


The tool gives us the visibility we need to manage our business. We've taken control of the tool, and it would be a step backwards if we abandoned it. Today, we couldn't do without Stafiz. The tool has become an integral part of our practices, and our teams are trained to use it. The fine, precise monitoring of our projects that the tool provides has become key.

Arnott Hales

Solution provided

Stafiz streamlined Artimis' operations by replacing manual processes, such as Excel-based scheduling and leave management, with automated, more efficient tools. This simplification improved the overall workflow and reduced the risk of errors.

Additionally, Stafiz offered real-time project monitoring, allowing Artimis to track project progress, resource allocation and key performance indicators, providing valuable insights into the status of ongoing projects and improving decision making.

The complete consolidation of data related to each assignment gave Artimis managers a detailed view of project progress and profitability, while the tool's reporting capabilities facilitated quick and clear assessments of assignment status and consultant workload.

Overall, the Stafiz solution has helped to improve Artimis' operational efficiency, provide real-time information on projects and resource allocation, and enhance visibility within the organization, contributing to the success and profitability of their consulting projects.



  • Automation of planning, project tracking and permit management processes for greater efficiency
  • Real-time visibility into project status, resource allocation and workload
  • Data consolidation for greater ability to analyze and optimize performance to maximize profitability

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