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Track tenders, plan your teams and tasks on projects, monitor project progress and profitability, and invoice projects phase by phase.

Stafiz allows your design and architecture business to better manage the activity to simplify the work and be more efficient!

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Why use Stafiz?


Gathering team planning and activity management

Manage all pre-sales, plan the workload of your teams on projects, monitor the progress and profitability of projects, and invoice as the projects progress.
Simplify your management by bringing together all the processes of your architectural firm in Stafiz


Gain visibility on the performance of your business and the workload of your teams

Facilitate workload planning and gain visibility on the progress of your teams' tasks.
Know in advance if you are going over budget.
Stafiz gives design and architecture agencies the visibility they need to get off the ground.


Simplify collaboration among your internal and external teams

Each employee has access to his or her own environment, adapted to his or her function. Notifications make it easy to collaborate with managers. Subcontractors can interact with your teams. All collaboration is amplified

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