Simplify the management of your activity , improve the efficiency of your teams and boost your profitability

Stafiz is the platform that allows you to better manage end-to-end service activities, and to digitalize the resource planning teams.

By putting employee planning at the heart of management, Stafiz provides increased visibility into forecasting.


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The purpose-built Professional Services Automation platform to increase your performance

Do you manage project portfolios, are you a consulting company, an ESN or a professional services agency? Stafiz helps you better manage your business


Make some resource planning a major asset of your activity

Identify and assign suitable and available profiles, internal or external, track times and optimize your utilization rate

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Increase your margins and keep projects on budget

Benefit from real-time visibility on your project portfolio as well as analysis tools and reports to optimize your margins and make better decisions.

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Integrated and automated management

Stafiz structures and automates the end-to-end management of your projects and resources: pre-sales, planning, project management through to invoicing and cash flow optimization.

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More than 10,000 users around the world work daily with Stafiz


Best-in-class visibility over the forecast

Stafiz gives you maximum visibility thanks to the consolidation of all past and forecast data. By leveraging planning, Stafiz gives you a clearer vision of:

  • current and forecast project and business performance
  • projects that deviate from their budget
  • discrepancies between production and invoicing
  • key indicators: utilization rate , turnover, margins, etc.
Project management with Stafiz


End-to-end management of your operations

Benefit from more powerful integrations between your processes: pre-sales, resource planning, project follow-up and billing. As open platform, Stafiz connects to your software through its open API and native connectors.

This end-to-end management brings you:

  • a unique solution and a better experience for employees
  • automation of administrative tasks, workflows and notifications
  • more reliable data available in real time


Connected for better collaboration

Stafiz allows different teams to share a common working environment. The interface adapts to the needs and rights of each employee and makes it possible to break down silos. Sales teams, subcontractors, operational staff and support teams finally have a central tool that allows them to work more efficiently.

  • access dedicated to external parties, subcontractors and customers
  • management of rights and access according to the type of profile
  • flexible access to functionalities depending on the users

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Find out why more than 10,000 professionals work with Stafiz.


E. Stievenart

Associate Director

At KiMSO Conseil


We highly recommend Stafiz: since the creation of our consulting company, we have tried multiple Excel files. Today, all our data is centralized in Stafiz, and we receive our dashboards in real time .”


I. Lalet

Development and Support Manager

At Colorado Consulting


"Before using Stafiz, we were unable to improve our billable rates. Thanks to Stafiz, we are have optimized our capacity and our billable rates are up +7pts. Stafiz has really improved our performance.


R. Beziz


From YouMeO by BearingPoint


Managing our projects has become so much easier since we started using Stafiz. The software allowed us to automate our project management and performance. This was a real game changer!

Discover how the increased visibility that Stafiz brings to your activity allows you to improve performance and efficiency

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