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Stafiz helps professional services firms automate all their administrative and back-office processes

Time tracking|Automated Invoices|Reporting|Expense Management|CRM

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Use case 1
Get real-time and accurate visibility over the business

"I used to run and ask everyone around for updates on their projects. Now everyone is sharing the data on Stafiz and I get full consolidated visibility, and most importantly, it is accurate."
Stafiz benefits
  1. Simple time tracking (automated reminders, ...)
  2. Full visibility over team schedules and projects completion
  3. Optimization of all available resources
  4. Easy integration with accounting systems
Use case 2
Optimizr your collaborators schedules

"The project planning feature provides us in real-time with team availabilities, so we can optimize the planning and maximize our collaborators hours. We have started organizing a weekly meeting to schedule the projects, and we do it all on Stafiz"
Stafiz benefits
  1. Identification of most relevant available profiles
  2. Profitability increase : any lost day is irreversible
  3. Anticipate resource scheduling when proposals are close to a win
Use case 3
Improve services profitability using Stafiz business intelligence

"All the reports included in Stafiz provide us with strong business intelligence, they show our strengths as well as our weaknesses. We recently received an order that will increase the workload in 2 months, and we managed to properly anticipate this project with Stafiz."
Stafiz benefits
  1. Projects and clients profitability reporting
  2. Under and over load alerts for resource optimization
  3. Significant decrease in controlling and administrative costs
Use case 4
Simplify all administrative tasks

"Our consultants did not really like our previous software, and I have to admit, it took me time to change because I could not imagine anything better. Now all their admin tasks are completed in the same tool, and they get more time for to focus on their projects."
Stafiz benefits
  1. Administrative time reduction (hours, costs,...)
  2. One single software for everything
Use case 5
Manage a network of outsourced consultants

"Our firm generates 60% of its business with outsourced consultants, and we were looking for the best software to monitor our specific situation."
Stafiz benefits
  1. Identification of available outsourced resources with relevant skills
  2. Time tracking, expenses and billing monitored in one system

Main features

Project planning & timesheets

  1. Identify most relevant profiles and skills available among your team
  2. Quickly assign projects to your consultants
  3. Review consultants actual activity and schedule
  4. Anticipate your team workload and optimize your services
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Projects reporting

  1. Follow your project financials
  2. Monitor your actual completion rates vs your initial planned rates
  3. Track your profitability in real-time
  4. Easily adjust your project planning and consultants assignments
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  1. Automate proposals design and follow-up sales tasks to grow your business
  2. Build a contacts and client database to never miss an opportunity
  3. Build your annual plan and track it vs your actual revenue
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Invoicing and cash flow

  1. Receive alerts and never forget to invoice
  2. Automatic invoice edition in Word and PDF
  3. Notifications and alerts for overdue payments
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External resources management

  1. Identify the most relevant outsourced consultants for your projects
  2. Confirm in a click their availability and assign them to your projects
  3. Automate the administrative work with your external resources (timesheets, invoices, ...)
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Expense management

  1. Claim for expenses and approve team expense reports
  2. Track and recharge expenses to your clients
  3. Set up expense limits and approval workflows
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Absence & Leave management

  1. Request for leaves and confirm outstanding vacation days
  2. Automatic project planning updates accordingly
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Talent recruitment

  1. Online application forms for faster candidate onboarding
  2. Schedule candidate interviews and track progress
  3. Share candidate interview reviews and chose the bests as a team
  4. Receive reminders to follow up the recruitment process
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Additional software features

 Hosting by AWS
 Secured independent sites & databases + SSL
 Daily database backup
 Complete activity reporting Check here
 Multi-leveled support
 All data extractable (excel, csv)
 All accounting exports
 All SaaS benefits Check here
 Responsive design for PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet
 Quick and easy set up Check here

Why is Stafiz the best software for your consulting business ?

Real time performance follow-up of your professional services firms

Track your company and projects performance everywhere, whenever you need

Extract all the important data you need

Grow your business and improve your profitability by looking at the right KPIs

Build your network of outsourced consultants

Connect easily your firm with your external resources
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