Project management and team schedule management in a single software platform

Make your teams more agile, gain visibility, and automate recurring tasks.
Manage your projects, staff your teams and invoice your customers in a single, complete and intuitive solution.
Integration : CRM and ERP in a single software platform
  • Manage all operations in a single solution
  • Link processes with each other
  • Generate savings on software costs
Full visibility on projects and staffing
  • Track all actual and forecast performance against budget
  • Benefit from customized dashboards
  • Access data in real-time
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Saves time for employees
  • Automate recurring tasks and processes
  • Avoid double entries with smart workflows
  • Full access to the environment on smartphones
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Improve and simplify project management
  • Financial monitoring of costs and turnover
  • Multi-country, multi-currency
  • Cut-off and accounting closing
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Automated administration
  • Management of approvals by workflows
  • Mass billing feature
  • Automatic email sequences
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Ergonomics that make it easier to handle
  • Customized individual environments
  • Individual dashboards
  • Subcontractor / freelancer access
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Features that simplify the management of your operations

  • Visualization of schedules
  • Automatic profiles suggestions according to needs
  • Search for profiles: skills, availability, experience
  • CVs of internal profiles, subcontractors, freelancers and candidates
  • Management of billable utilization and staffing rates
  • Alerts on skills that require new hiring
  • Recruitment Management
  • Management of skills and experience profiles
  • CV edition
  • Activity Report Tracking (ART)
  • Activity Reports edition
  • Follow-up of time spent and remaining to be done by project
  • Monitoring the financial performance of projects
  • Notifications in case of deviations from budgets
  • Expense management and assignment to projects
  • Monitoring the progress of tasks
  • Follow-up of contacts and organizations
  • Monitoring of commercial activities
  • Opportunity Pipe Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Editing quotes
  • Management of staffing needs associated with opportunities
  • Management of the commercial activity
  • Monitoring of sales and income statements
  • Consolidated reporting by division or team
  • Monitoring of conversion rates
  • Production analysis
  • Employee activity reports
  • Automated billing management
  • Billing on time, flat rate, subscription or mix basis
  • Automatic mass billing
  • Automatic Dunning Sequence
  • Aged balance of unpaid debts

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