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Stafiz allows you to monitor your projects, from the pre-sales stage to invoicing. Monitor profitability, globally or by phase, and simplify the management of your employees' activity and workload

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Simplify your work by bringing your business together in one solution

Design offices need to track many processes: the workload of employees on projects, the progress of tasks on projects, the invoicing of project phases. When your solution is adapted and allows you to automate the follow-up, you save precious time and simplify the management of your activity


Gain visibility and improve your performance

Know what the forecasted schedule of employees is, plan their workload on project tasks, understand where deviations from the forecasted budget come from. With Stafiz, your design office gains all the visibility on performance, and gives itself the means to grow rapidly


Facilitate collaboration within your design office

So that each internal or external collaborator can easily confirm the progress of his or her tasks and the time spent on your projects, Stafiz offers you an intuitive environment, adapted to each profile of your team

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