Elevate your Project Portofolio Management and Project accounting with Stafiz

Enhance Project Portfolio Performance and Boost Margins with Stafiz

Stay ahead of the curve with proactive alerts on projects veering off-budget, enabling you to take timely corrective actions. Benefit from real-time insights into the current status and anticipated outcomes of your projects. Stafiz equips project managers with the data-driven tools needed to boost project performance.

– Holistic Project Oversight: Efficiently manage project progress, tasks, with Gantt chart monitoring

– Vital Financial Metrics: Stay informed with key project financial indicators such projected margins, revenue, and more

– Comprehensive Cost Tracking: Keep a close watch on project expenses including staff allocation, subcontracting, and other procurements

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Project management and Gantt chart

Elevate Your Project Management with Unparalled Visibility

Equip your teams with better insights into their project performance

  • Time Efficiency: Compare actual time spent on activities against budgeted expectations
  • Financial Oversight: Analyze deviations between actual costs and projected estimates
  • Risk Detection: Identify potential performance pitfalls before they escalate
  • Proactive Updates: Keep track of unresolved tasks and adjust forecasts accordingly

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Discover how Stafiz turns project management into an asset for your organization:

  • Manage project’s revenue and cost recognition
  • Enhance decision-making speed and accuracy
  • Consolidate all essential information for time-saving convenience
  • Deliver insightful reporting to optimize team performance and management

Streamline Project Accounting with Comprehensive Financial Reporting

In-depth Financial Insights: Analyze variances between budgeted and actual costs, check variance between production and billings, analyze gaps between the forecast and the actual figures

  • Revenue Recognition: Choose to recognize turnover with the appropriate methodology: project completion, Completed contract, …
  • Accurate Financial Calculations: Stafiz automatically calculates for you deferred and accrued revenue to simplify accounting entries
  • Timely Data Extractions: Retrieve crucial project data seamlessly at every accounting closing period and integrate with your accounting system
  • Efficient Production Cutoff: Manage and optimize your end-of-period production processes

Why Choose Stafiz for Superior Project Management?

project monitoring and project management. visibility on reporting

Unparalleled Visibility

Dive into a real-time comprehensive view of your project's current status and future trajectory

dashboard and performance monitoring

Advanced PMO Capabilities:

Enhance your project portfolio management, empowering data-driven decisions that optimize performance


Automated reporting for growth

Effortlessly streamline financial analyses and pre-accounting closings, saving massive amount of time

Simplified Tracking & Goal Setting

Set clear objectives for individuals, specific project phases, and tasks, making progress tracking more intuitive and efficient.

Our customers say it best

Photo Testimonial Lalet

Isabelle Lalet

Development and Support Manager

At Colorado Consulting


"Before using Stafiz, we were unable to improve our billable rates. Thanks to Stafiz, we are have optimized our capacity and our billable rates are up +7pts. Stafiz has really improved our performance.

Photo Testimonial 1

Emeline Stievenart

Associate Director

At KiMSO Conseil


We highly recommend Stafiz: since the creation of our consulting company, we have tried multiple Excel files. Today, all our data is centralized in Stafiz, and we receive our dashboards in real time .”

Photo testimonial 3

Raphaël Beziz


From YouMeO by BearingPoint


Managing our projects has become so much easier since we started using Stafiz. The software allowed us to automate our project management and performance. This was a real game changer!

They trust us

A success story example

PMP streamlines operations and increases profitability

  • Improved project visibility and efficiency
  • Time saving and process automation
  • Improvement in project utilization rate and margins


Frederic Jover

Co-founding Partner


“Stafiz has allowed us to grow our teams more efficiently. The structure that Stafiz provides us allows us to manage more and more projects while maintaining the expected level of reliability.”

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