Linking Stafiz with your accounting

Save time and be more efficient by creating links between Stafiz and your accounting solutions

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What are the benefits?


Many hours saved

Automating the data transfer between Stafiz and the accounting system avoids the need to integrate data manually. Sales and expenses data are ready and in the right format to be integrated into the accounting software.


Reliability of data

Making mistakes is human! That's why manual data transfers can be a source of error. By automatically transferring data through integration, you provide the necessary reliability for your accounting follow-up


Reinforced control

Thanks to the monitoring of accounting data in Stafiz, control is reinforced: comparison between income and actual, calculation of invoices to be issued and deferred income, analysis of the margin. Consistency checks are immediate.

Why integration with accounting?

Stafiz is also an invoicing software. Integrated with the follow-up of your business, it is much faster to carry out.

By integrating Stafiz with your accounting system, you simplify another step in your processes: the automatic update of invoicing and expense data.

You can transfer your sales journals and expense journals to automatically update your accounting data. The time saving for the accounting staff is enormous.

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