IT Services

Simplify and digitalize the entire management of your IT Services with Stafiz

Everything you need to grow efficiently. Sourcing of internal and external profiles, monitoring of needs and positions, management of activity and performance up to invoicing.

COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT (Needs, positioning of candidates, etc.)

Your commercial management: optimized

Facilitate your commercial management and win more contracts. Identify and position the most suitable profiles using powerful search tools among candidates, employees and subcontractors.

  • Advanced profile search engine
  • Simplified monitoring of the sales cycle
  • Management of internal and external candidates (skills file, editing of CVs with anonymization, etc.)
  • Interview phase workflow
  • Monitoring pre-sales performance

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Accurately visualize business performance and anticipate contract ends

With Stafiz, monitoring of the profitability of businesses, projects and teams is available in real time. You improve your operational performance thanks to the visibility on actuals and forecasts that Stafiz provides.

  • All the turnover forecast which takes into account the opportunities and projects sold
  • Complete reporting on production, project margins, and income statements by business unit and team
  • Analyzes of the discrepancies between the forecast, the actual and the invoiced
  • Visibility on the load and alerts to minimize the intercontract

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Save time and reduce your management costs

Centralize all your operations on the same platform.

  • Centralization of activity reports
  • Automation of invoicing, based on time spent or on a fixed price basis, and payment tracking
  • Management of employees, their contracts, absences and payroll variables
  • Management of billable and non-billable expenses also from the mobile app
  • Management, access and submission of subcontractor invoices
  • Management of cut-offs and financial closings

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Your synchronized working software environment

Ability to use all features or just some and connect them to your existing tools. Stafiz integrates wonderfully into your IT environment. The REST API is complete and various native integrations exist with CRM, HRIS and accounting software.

  • Leverage and customize all reports
  • Real-time schedule updates in calendars
  • Open API connections with accounting and payroll solutions
  • Power BI connectors
  • Exportable sales and expense records

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integration with CRM tools, Saleforce, PipeDrive, Hubspot

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