Professional service automation

An ERP that gives you more visibility on the forecast

Activity management, coupled with powerful software tools, can lead to better monitoring and controlling in project management.

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An end-to-end solution

Pre-sales, resource allocation, time tracking, project management, billing and reporting

A single software to centralize business management and forecasting. Data becomes more reliable and available in real time, while visibility is increased by tenfold.

  • Save time: automation of administrative tasks
  • Increase reliability: centralized data with no risk of error
  • Gain visibility: real-time reporting on past and projected performance
  • Improve employee experience: one platform to manage activity

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Stafiz provides more visibility on forecasting than a traditional ERP

Capacity and workload plans

Anticipate the team capacity and follow the utilization rate forecasts

Financial forecast

Monitor financial forecasts and project progress in real-time. Improve profitability by tracking your margins.

Project management

Receive alerts when projects are in danger of going off budget

Pre-sales commercial management

Identify opportunities and profile needs. Integrate opportunities into the forecast


A complete solution for better business management

  • Pre-sales management and CRM: all customer information, better visibility of opportunities, and employee staffing features
  • Search profiles by role, skills, and experience. Workload and task management system. Absence management
  • Project management, cost monitoring, time tracking and subcontracting management
  • Invoice tracking, payment tracking, creation of sales and expense journals, closure management
  • Customizable reporting and Power BI connector to manage custom reports
activity management and global activity management

Connect Stafiz with your other software

  • Stafiz has an open API for integrations
  • Data can be received from or sent to other software
  • Native connectors exist with Salesforce, Power BI, Microsoft, Silae, SAGE, etc.
  • The ERP is adaptable to the specific needs of each user
stafiz integration with salesforce, power bi and sage

Reasons to switch from traditional old habits to Stafiz

data transfer

Simplified deployment

You are supported by our teams who take care of the data transfer and training

project monitoring and steering. visibility on reporting

A tenfold increase in visibility

From project managers to management, everyone gains visibility


Return on investment in 3 months

Your business margins increase by an average of 15%, and your support and management teams save 20% of their time

Our customers speak better than we do

I. Lalet

Development and Support Manager

At Colorado Consulting


" Before using Stafiz, we were not able to improve our resource planning rates. With Stafiz, we are managing our capacity much better and have improved our margins."

E. Stievenart

Associate Director

At KiMSO Consulting


" We highly recommend Stafiz: since the creation of our consulting firm, we had tried multiple Excel files. Today, all our data is centralized in Stafiz, and we receive our dashboards in real time."

R. Beziz


From YouMeO by BearingPoint


" Managing our projects has become so much easier since we started using Stafiz. The software has allowed us to automate our project and performance management. It has really changed the game!

They trust us

ERP for Service Companies FAQ

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