Keep track of all your candidates and contact them again when an opportunity arises

Offer your candidates professional experience and make decisions based on figures. Track applications and save time in your recruitment.

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The benefits

Automation of recruitment processes

Work much faster!

Finding the best candidates

Search your database for the best talent

Improved candidate and HR team experience

A smoother, more human process

Simplified follow-up of applications

Stay up to date and responsive!

What is recruitment in Stafiz?

Create personalised application forms for your offers

  • Customise application forms
  • Customise fields and formats
  • Centralise and archive profiles: CVs and cover letters
  • Create job-specific questionnaires

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Follow your candidate pipe

  • Candidate pipe
  • Recontacting candidates for suitable offers
  • Follow-up of candidate status updates: progress of interviews, number, scoring
  • Central database of all candidates

Create personalised interview forms for each role

  • Centralized online interview results
  • Secure access to candidate profiles
  • Consolidated feedback
  • Monitoring of interview results and status
profile search and resource planning of employees

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What we have in addition

  • Automatic emails sent to candidates according to their status (pre-formatted and personalised)
  • Reminder and notification for an easy follow-up
  • Automation of interview follow-up

Our customers speak better than we do

R. Beziz


From YouMeO by BearingPoint


"Managing our projects has become so much easier since we started using Stafiz. The software has allowed us to automate our project and performance management. It has been a real game changer!"

E. Stievenart

Associate Director

At KiMSO Consulting


"We highly recommend Stafiz: since the creation of our consulting company, we had tried multiple Excel files. Today,all our data is centralised in Stafiz, and we receive our dashboards in real time."

I. Lalet

Development and Support Manager

At Colorado Consulting


"Before using Stafiz, we were not able to improve our resource planning rates. Thanks to Stafiz, we manage our capacity much better and have improved our margins."

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