Simplify tracking of activity on tasks and projects

Your employees can confirm time spent and activity reports from their mobile phones.

Stafiz automatically send reminders tos latecomers so you don't have to!

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The benefits

Activity Reports available on all your devices

Real-time update of project monitoring

Optional validation by validation circuits

Automated tracking through integration and synchronisation with calendars

What does time tracking in Stafiz bring you?

Track time with the granularity of your choice

  • Define the appropriate granularity for each employee
  • Track times by day, half day, hour or minute
  • Define a different granularity for the resource planning
  • Indicate the time spent on the generic project or on the activities

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Share more information

  • Possibility to comment on timesheets
  • Confirmation of time spent teleworking
  • On-call management
  • Monitoring of billable and non-billable time

Increase your customers' satisfaction by giving them more visibility

  • Employees can add notes and written CRs
  • Sending reports to clients for validation before invoicing
  • Visibility of the reports in the invoice annex
  • Generation of reports with your logo

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What we have in addition

  • Optional validation of ARCs
  • Intelligent approval circuits
  • Subcontractor access
  • More precision and speed in time tracking

Our customers speak better than we do

I. Lalet

Development and Support Manager

At Colorado Consulting


" Before using Stafiz, we were not able to improve our resource planning rates. With Stafiz, we are managing our capacity much better and have improved our margins."

E. Stievenart

Associate Director

At KiMSO Consulting


" We highly recommend Stafiz: since the creation of our consulting firm, we had tried multiple Excel files. Today, all our data is centralized in Stafiz, and we receive our dashboards in real time."