Projective Architecture x Stafiz

Digitizing resource planning for better performance monitoring: Projective takes up the challenge

  • Simplified time tracking
  • Load balancing and improving employees' quality of life at work
  • Improved visibility into performance

Projective architecture

Projective needed to standardize the company's human resources, to ensure the performance and quality of projects as well as the quality of life of employees at work.

Thanks to Stafiz, the agency has been able to digitize its resource planning, reducing the time spent on low value-added tasks.


  • Scope: France
  • Users: 30
  • Sector: Architectural agency

Context and problem

Projective positions itself as a facilitator of the metamorphosis of organizations, spaces and digital technology. Composed of architects, interior architects, designers, engineers, business developers and organizational consultants, they design interior architecture projects with often very short deadlines. Projective teams require vigorous business management.

However, without a dedicated planning tool, the agency was faced with new challenges: optimized management, homogenization of the company's human resources and thus ensuring the performance and quality of projects for their clients as well as the quality of life of employees at work.

It was necessary for Projective to obtain a global vision of the employee load over the long term, generate corrective planning actions without having to impact the creative design process entrusted to them.

Projective chose Stafiz because of its ease of use, its collaborative management, its profitability monitoring, and the quality of its support service.

Their needs in brief:

  • Visibility and long-term load management
  • Flexible, agile management of project schedules
  • Centralized information

Marie Rouxel Projective Architecture


Stafiz gives us better visibility of time spent on projects, and a visual representation of human resources over the coming months, including under and overload. On a day-to-day basis, Stafiz gives us rapid access to the performance of the agency's projects for all employees.

Marie Rouxel
Strategic Planning Officer

Solution provided

Thanks to Stafiz, the agency is able to juggle between available resources, time constraints and last-minute adjustments related to their field of activity. Schedules are easily kept up to date, and this visibility of project times allows for a better understanding of production and performance.

This manageability of the load offers employees the opportunity to smooth out their load and think "mutual aid" with each other. Overload situations can easily be rectified with the use of Stafiz, and project planning can be optimized.

By tracking the progress of projects, Projective can now evaluate its production and analyze the performance of its projects for all employees.


  • Anticipation and regular correction of schedules in the event of deviations from deadlines
  • Simplification of the planning process and performance analysis
  • Visibility on employee workload, profitability and internal recruitment

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