Client Billing Software

Save many hours each month with Stafiz automated billing feature. Customize the invoice template and benefit from an integrated tool like Stafiz: all the data are already up-to-date, you just need to check the suggested invoice and click on “send”.

Time & materials billing are fully automated. 

Benefit from a powerful tool and improve cash collections: receive notification to invoice when a milestone is achieved. Be alerted if a payment becomes overdue.

also included

  • Invoice: customizable
  • Reporting: aged balance
  • Alerts: payment overdue
  • Invoice generation: auto
  • Safety:¬†optional workflow

How it works

  • Track
  • Plan
  • Gain
Track all the billable costs (labor and expenses)

Benefit from the integration with time and expenses features

  • Unbilled Work In Progress
  • Billing status reports
  • Billable expenses reports
  • Clients purchase orders
  • Auto-invoicing system
Improve work-to-cash process

Reduce average cash-collection days with notifications and alerts

  • Issue your invoices in one click
  • Link client purchase orders with invoices
  • Add billable expenses to the invoice
  • Add milestone triggers to invoice earlier
  • Don't wait to contact your client if an invoice is unpaid
Improve your working capital

Optimize the billing process and reduce by 20% the cash collection days

  • Don't leave unbilled work behind
  • Speed-up your invoicing process
  • Reduce cash collection period
  • Track your aging balance
  • Forecast your cash-inflow