Want a platform to connect and work with your contractors? Stafiz helps you choose the right external resources, staff them on projects and track their time and expenses.
Share a common environment, configure their access rights and follow your contractors progress.
Take out the administrative burden and lack of visibility that working with external resources usually produce, and make your business more flexible.

The most simple way to work with contractors

Make your workforce more flexible and improve profitability with the simplest way to work with external resources, contractors and freelancers. Provide them with a secure and temporary access to the project environment, or sync your accounts with theirs if they use Stafiz. Working with partners becomes easy.

  • Connect contractors on your environment
  • Safe and limited access for contractors
  • Collaborative solution for projects
  • Reports on contractors costs and billings
Check if your contractors are available for your next project

In addition with your contractors' database available in Stafiz from which you search for the most relevant external resources, you are aware of their availability: for those that use Stafiz, availability is populated based on their updates on because their calendars are synced with Stafiz.

  • Search among pool of contractors
  • Search by competence and experience
  • Visible contractors’ availability
  • Notify contractors for new projects
Track cost and billings of contractors

Make your team more productive with contractors invoice automation : if they use Stafiz, they can invoice directly your account. You will receive a notification and be able to approve the invoice based on the time they have spent on the project. More hours saved.

  • Billing status
  • Billing and work history
  • Performance
  • Contractors report
Automate project briefing and contract proposal with contractors

As you identify the right contractor or freelancer, save time and send him a project brief through a workflow in Stafiz and let him answer directly whether he is interested to work with you. No need to make time consuming phone calls anymore.

  • Requests for availability through workflows
  • Project briefing
  • Contractor’s confirmation through workflows
  • Automated contractor’s staffing
Provide your contractor with their own Stafiz account

3 ways to work with contractors, freelancers or partners in Stafiz: either with a secured and limited access to your environment, by synchronizing your environment with your contractor's environment, or just by adding the contractor's details in the project specific tab. It's easy and it works in every possible situation.

  • Stafiz for freelancers
  • Interface multiple Stafiz accounts
  • Automate all administrative work
  • Increase work flexibility
Track contractors schedules and work
Onboard your external resources on Stafiz and make your lives easier

  • Search for the right skills and availabilities
  • Connect their times and expenses to your projects
  • Automate your supplier invoicing process
  • Configure their access rights
  • Track contractors performance
Connect and work smarter with contractors
Save yourself the administrative burden of working with external resources

  • Simplify time and expense submission
  • Check at any time if they are up to speed
  • Break bottlenecks and increase collaboration
  • Follow and approve all their billable expenses
  • Anticipate their planning and availabilities
Be more productive and optimize utilization
Enhance your services using right solution to work with independent experts

  • Manage your pool of contractors
  • Improve utilization adding flexibility
  • Increase project on-time delivery
  • Get more data about contractors’ performance
  • Avoid the administrative burden

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