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nnovative recruitment for consulting firms

Recruiting for consulting firms keeps getting harder. Young people want to find their own company right after school, and there is a shortage of good profiles to recruit. Also, there is a tough competition from existing start-ups that promote a new way of working, and free beer at work.
Here is an overview of what consulting firms can imagine to boost their recruitment.

Make the buzz ♦ Heineken

Heineken attracted a lot of applicants with a fun video. In it, an interviewer is asking super awkward questions to an applicant, and asks them to do absurd things. Just a small bunch of applicants actually did have to endure this, but the video was widely broadcasted in social media. This campaign has shown the young and refreshing side of the company, a message that found keen listeners.
The video :

Building trust ♦ Unilever

Applicants, when they get out of school, do not have an extended experience of the business world and of recruitment methods. Often, they are not aware of all the steps of a recruitment process, and this can generate stress.
To accompany applicants, Unilever has created a website that explains the different steps, what’s expected from them and the timeframe. At the end of the presentation, they can ask questions, and there is a big button encouraging them to apply.

Bootcamp & hackaton ♦ Coca-Cola

The Vlerick Business School organized, with Coca-Cola as a partner, a bootcamp dedicated to digital marketing. Students were guided during three weeks through the digital world and tried to master its tools.
This partnership brought to Coca-Cola a privileged access to students. This model is particularly usefull for consulting firms, as they try to recruit in a limited number of schools. Also, it enabled students to discover the world they would be working in, and Coca-Cola to get applications from students that understood their future role and were motivated to perform it.

External recruiters ♦ All companies

Numerous start-ups try to reinvent the recruitment process, and we selected some examples :

  • Welcome to the Jungle: a platform that presents in detail recruiting companies, with collaborator’s portraits, explanation of the business, pictures of the babyfoot and ping pong tables,…
  • The ignition program: a recruiter focusing on high potentials for start-ups.
  • Softwares : many solutions appeared on the market with the double objecive of improving recruitments process (remember to send an aswer to everybody,…) and accompany applicants with care, just like a customer relationship. Some names : Jobvite, Recruitee, BambooHR,… and Stafiz

Active recruiting ♦ Google

Google is always looking for the best engineers on specific topics. They are using their search engine to spot users that would ask and answer to super techy questions in forums. These users would receive an email, proposing them a technical challenge and to enter into their recruitment process. Why not reverse things and contact directly by email the people you want to recruit ?

Riddles ♦ Bletchley Park

During World War II, Alan Turing had to recruit engineers, gifted in mathematics, to help him crack the “Enigma” system (the secret crypted German communication system). To do this, he published in the “Telegraph” newspapers some particularly difficult crosswords. This campaign was a great success, and their project too (see the movie “The imitation game” if you haven’t yet).
Why not publish business cases to applicants, to select the ones with the best answers for the interviews ?

Fun ads ♦ Shackleton

To find team members to join his expedition in Antarctica, Shackleton wrote an humoristic ad that particularly insisted on the downsides of the job. But the fact that he himself was doing the job was sufficient to reassure applicants.
And you, what about an ad to say you work late for demanding clients ? 🙂

Video interview ♦ All companies

Invented in start-ups, video interviews (with SKype or other systems) are now used in the largest companies. This saves transport time (and money) for the applicant, enables to adjust interview duration (no need to continue for hours if after 15 minutes we know the applicant won’t fit) and facilitates matching calendars to find a good meeting time. Of course its always better to meet in real life, but video is a nice first step.

New channels like Tinder ♦ Amazon

To recruit for its AWS subsidiary, Amazon created a profile on Tinder. Users of the app could therefore “match” with the job offer in an unxpected place, which got their attention and created a buzz. McDonald’s did the same thing with Snapchat, and Goldman Sachs in Spotify.
And you, what unusual media would you use ?

Artificial intelligence, of course ♦ Big companies

Lastly, artificial intelligence is reaching recruitment jobs. Companies use it to automatically read through CVs and cover letter to mark applicants. Of course this has to be completed with interviews, but it is an automated first view of the pipe. Some examples : Pivotal Talent, Weavee, Headstart, …