Main pain point fixed :


A comprehensive platform

Colorado is a consulting firm that specializes in marketing, customer experience and service innovation. After its merger with Comdata, a global leader in customer experience management, the group can now help its clients on every dimensions of transformation projects : consulting, digital technologies and process management.
As part of a company initiative in 2018, Colorado consulting reimagined their internal processes and more specifically the right way to increase long-term visibility.

50% time saved on staffing processes


Increased visibility

Before Stafiz

Before this change, the project planning team used to work on spreadsheets. They tried different way to improve visibility: Gantt charts, complex excel spreadsheets and other internally built tools. “We wanted to see our billable utilization and availability rates, but it was not a solid process and the spreadsheets would not be updated in real-time with the right level of accuracy”. It was difficult for Colorado to anticipate their consultants’ availabilities and improve the overall utilization. It was time to fine tune the operational processes, instead of multiplying the files.

“Stafiz surely understands consulting”

So Colorado started using Stafiz, and the work immediately improved. These changes did not affect our consultants habits, but it was game changing for the management and support team.

Like many consulting firms, Colorado holds a weekly staffing meeting where managers share their resources needs, commercial pipe and discuss staffing arbitrages. Stafiz provided the perfect solution to provide more visibility and make better decisions.

“Stafiz surely understand how consulting work, a management consulting firm has different needs than an IT Consulting firm for instance. And Stafiz has a platform that is well adapted for specific needs. Time saved for managers and directors has been significant”.

Results of Colorado consulting staffing initiative have been very positive, and the team feel more efficient with the platform.