Enhance Stafiz CRM with emails and calendars connections

For anyone willing to grow their business, insights about prospects and customers are a key element. Stafiz provides a CRM that helps you share prospects and clients’ information, as well as organizations. Add custom fields and improve contact knowledge: keep notes, log meetings, and track emails with this contact. Every time you need to get in touch, you know the status of the latest discussions. This enables you to be more assertive and impactful. You can also share this information with your colleagues, so your commercial team has everything in hand to close more proposals.


Stafiz Connect with Google and Outlook Calendars

You can connect your Stafiz profile with Google and Outlook calendars. You can connect to one or more account of each type.There are many reasons why connecting with your calendars can make your work much easier:
Once calendars and Stafiz environment are synchronized, marked events can be automatically retrieved directly from calendars into Stafiz:
You can for instance track your time without any timesheet. If your calendars are up to date, with the accurate time you have spent on each project, Stafiz automatically pulls the information directly to report time spent on each project.Same idea with staffing: based on your calendars, we can can predict how time you will spend in total on a project, and automatically update its costs and margins from this information.
Provide visibility to your collaborators: when projects are assigned to employees in Stafiz, they can be visible in Google or Outlook calendars. This provides long-term visibility for consultants and increases their engagement as they know if they can pro-actively join other projects to improve utilization. CRM visibility: see (“For both calendars and email”)


You can also link Stafiz with Google and Outlook emails

You can also link Stafiz with Google and Outlook emails. Many benefits come from this synchronization:
More visibility in the CRM: see above section about CRM
Writing and sending emails directly from the CRM. As you track your pipe of proposals and prospects, you may want to send an email directly from Stafiz. You can open the internal Stafiz mailbox and send it from there, the prospect will receive an email sent from your mailbox. On your end, the email will be in your “sent emails”
Automate communication with candidate throughout the hiring process. Stafiz provides a recruitment module to professionalize and automate the hiring process. One feature of this module enables you to send automated emails based upon a candidate status change. For instance, following an interview, an HR associate is willing to end a candidate recruitment process. As the HR associate change the candidate status from “in process” to “process ended”, a pre-written email by the HR team will be sent to the candidate to explain him that the process will end. You can choose from which mailbox this email will be sent, and what sender name will be displayed to the candidate. Imagine how time your HR team will save!
Do you have more ideas to leverage the connection with Google and Outlook? We will be happy to hear them. Contact us!