Time Tracking

Save time filling-in timesheets.
Whether you track time by the minute, half-hour, half day or day, you can customize time tracking for each user.
You can set-up approval workflows, add comments and send them to your clients to give them more visibility over the work completed.

Easy time tracking and timesheets

Use smarter time tracking for your team: Stafiz provides intelligent timesheets that only take seconds to update, from your laptop or your smartphone

  • Easy timesheet update on any device
  • Real-time update on project margins
  • Optional approval workflow
Automated time tracking with calendars synchronization

Sync your Google or Microsoft calendars with Stafiz and automatically generate your timesheets. You just need to validate the accuracy of what has been pulled from you calendar and that's it!

  • Sync with calendars
  • Automated updates
  • Control and approve what comes from calendars
Choose the right time tracking granularity for each collaborator

Track time with the level of detail you need: by day, by half-day, by hour, by minute… You can incur time on the generic part of a project or on a specific phase or activity of this project

  • Set up a granularity adapted for each collaborator
  • Track time by day, half day, hour, minute…
  • Have a different granularity for schedule
Automate time tracking update while the employee is absent

Be sure that your data is always up-to-date: Stafiz automatically populate timesheets when you are on vacation. Administrator have the option to send reminders for team members who have not updated their timesheets

  • Automatic time tracking update if absent
  • Real-time information updates
  • Vacation schedules
Increase your client's satisfaction by giving him additional visibility

Add notes and share more insights with your client to increase his satisfaction: check your team's notes and send a summary automatically attached to the invoice. Your client will have a better understanding of what he is paying and will be more satisfied

  • Notes that detail daily work
  • Summary editable by project leader
  • Report can be embedded in the client’s invoice
Optional timesheet approval workflows

Be notified when a team member or a contractor has tracked time spent. You can check and edit if needed.

  • Optional approval
  • Check and edit times
  • Set the date prior to which times can’t be changed
Time keeper
Complete in a few seconds your time tracking and move on

  • Customizable time-keeping granularity (minute, hours, half-day, etc)
  • Immediate update of project costs and margin
  • Approval workflow (optional)
  • Subcontractor access (if needed)
  • Comments and client report
Improve visibility over the work completed and what is left

  • Read work reports from your team
  • Follow project progress
  • Check if you are on schedule
  • Provide visibility to your clients
  • Follow your team productivity
Each collaborators save hours while visibility improves

  • No need to run after collaborators for tracking time
  • Each employee saves time on administrative tasks
  • No need to use multiple spreadsheets
  • Increase visibility over job completion
  • Track contractors time and expenses

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