Time tracking

Time Tracking Software

Save time filling-in timesheets.

Whether you track time by the minute, half-hour, half day or day, you can customize time tracking for each user.

You can set-up approval workflows, add comments and send them to your clients to give them more visibility over the work completed.

Also included

  • Auto fill-in: Yes
  • Contractors access: Yes (optional)
  • Project consolidation: Yes, immediate
  • Billable utilization: Yes
  • Late reminders: Automatic

How it works

  • Track
  • Plan
  • Gain
Time keeper

Complete in a few seconds your time tracking and move on

  • Customizable time-keeping granularity (minute, hours, half-day, etc)
  • Immediate update of project costs and margin
  • Approval workflow (optional)
  • Subcontractor access (if needed)
  • Comments and client report

Improve visibility over the work completed and what is left

  • Read work reports from your team
  • Follow project progress
  • Check if you are on schedule
  • Provide visibility to your clients
  • Follow your team productivity

Each collaborators save hours while visibility improves

  • No need to run after collaborators for tracking time
  • Each employee saves time on administrative tasks
  • No need to use multiple spreadsheets
  • Increase visibility over job completion
  • Track contractors time and expenses