Get access to a full set of reporting to identify levers of productivity, margin and utilization growth. See consolidated reports of your activity and how to increase its performance.
Follow margins per project or teams, billable utilization per team or per person.
Improve working capital as you are alerted when to invoice and when a payment becomes overdue.
All the company data is in Stafiz, easily accessible from the office or on the go!

Track revenue forecast (sold and from the commercial pipe)

Track revenue: based on purchase orders and your commercial pipe, you have real-time visibility over the revenue forecast at the consolidated level or for each of your business units

  • Revenue forecast
  • Purchase order
  • Commercial opportunities
  • By month, by business unit, by team
Projects revenue and margins reporting

Track projects margins, identify where and why some projects are less profitable than other and make data-driven decisions that increase your company's profitability.

  • Margins by project
  • Consolidated margins
  • Margins vs Budget
  • Cost details (labor, subcontracting, expenses)
Billing and payment collections reporting

Bill your clients more quickly and optimize your cash flow. Stafiz sends notifications when an event triggers a new invoice (specific date, closed activity, …). Track payments and receive alerts when an invoice becomes overdue.

  • Billing reminders
  • Billing triggers
  • Overdue alerts
  • Payment tracking
Billable utilization and capacity reporting

Quickly increase profitability as you have a complete understanding of past and future billable utilization, for each team, business unit and at a consolidated level. It becomes easy to identify capacity issues and how to solve them.

  • Past and future billable utilization
  • Consolidated billable utilization
  • Team billable utilization
  • Capacity constraints info
Individual collaborator reporting

See how time is spent by each individual (client project, commercial activity, internal project). Build your own categories and have a better understanding of how time is spent at your company. Keep employee documents, contracts, profiles, CVs centralized and up-to-date.

  • Projects breakdown by category
  • Employee documents
  • Individual utilization
  • Profile and performance
Production and capacity reporting

Follow all capacity metrics to immediately identify where and why your company shows over or under capacity. It becomes easy to anticipate and make the right decisions to staff your team in the most relevant way and achieve on-time delivery.

  • Monthly production net worth
  • Monthly capacity net worth
  • Constraints alerts
  • Identification of capacity issue by team
Keep Track of your Business
See consolidated or detailed reports, KPIs and performance metrics

  • Actual and forecast billable utilization
  • Individual performance reporting
  • Actual and forecast revenue
  • Production and capacity reporting
  • Actual and forecast billing
Anticipate Future Performance
Make financial planning easier with Stafiz reporting

  • Anticipate how much capacity is left
  • Identify where utilization needs to improved
  • Forecast revenue and margins
  • Improve cash collections
  • Improve individual performance reviews
Generate Savings
Improve Your Business Margins and Cash-Flow

  • Identify under-utilization
  • Collect faster
  • Improve productivity
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Follow actual performance vs budget

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