Workload management tools: how to choose it?

April 29, 2024
Best for Creative teams Shift workers Gantt views and task management Product Teams
Ease of use Easy to learn and use Simple interface Easy to learn and use Curve
more pronounced learning
Availability of views Gantt Charts, Phases Calendar Kanban boards Gantt Charts, Lists
Staff monitoring Team Roles Legal monitoring and control, employee scheduling Member assignment Team hierarchies
Task management Basic reports Basic Progress Tracking Basic Progress Tracking Reports, dashboards
Time tracking Basic Basic N / A Detailed time tracking
Project accounting Billing N / A N / A Budgeting, invoicing
Industry independent Moderate Weak High High
Integrations Limited N / A N / A Limited
Billing Yes N / A N / A Yes
Remote team management Video conferencing, file sharing and commenting Basic File Sharing and Commenting File sharing and comments Docs, Chat, Video conference
Best for Product Teams Consulting companies and service companies Project managers Subcontracting
Ease of use Curve
more pronounced learning
Simple and intuitive Simple Simple
Availability of views Kanban boards and lists Multiple tables and views Paintings N / A
Staff monitoring Team projects Strong team management across perspectives Task management N / A
Task management Reports of
Robust reporting, full transparency and analytics Task progress status Time Tracking and Reporting
Time tracking Basic timer Time tracking and detailed reporting Basic Detailed time tracking
Project accounting Basic billing Full billing N / A N / A
Industry independent High Moderate High High
Integrations Limited Integration with most CRMs N / A N / A
Billing Yes
Yes N / A N / A
Remote team management Conversations, file sharing and comments Project updates, collaboration, communication Project Updates N / A


How they compare

Project organization

While other tools like Combo and ClickUp offer visual planning, Stafiz caters specifically to service-based workflows with specialized timelines and cost management features. It excels in organizing projects into phases, monitoring activity and alerting when tasks are completed.


Team management

ClickUp and Stafiz take the lead with its detailed team hierarchy and permission controls, enabling seamless delegation and team structure.

Combo allows assigning roles and managing team access. Asana focuses on team projects, facilitating collaboration across tasks. Trello and MS Planner provide basic member assignment, while Snapshift excels in employee scheduling


Performance tracking

Stafiz provides insightful reporting and analytics, helping track project health, individual contributions, and costs.

This enables data-driven decision-making and improved project   performance.


Financial management

Built-in invoicing and budgeting functionality in Stafiz simplifiesproject financial management for service based businesses. Unlike tools like Trello and Asana, it eliminates the need for separate financial management software.


Industry suitability

Snapshyftstands out in retail and hospitality workflows with its competence in employee scheduling. Trello and Asana are suited to a variety of industries, while ClickUp excels in complex project management, whatever the field.

MS Planner is ideal for project-based teams within the Microsoft ecosystem, while Stafiz finds its niche in construction, services and engineering workflows. Toggl, primarily focusing on time tracking, can fit into various freelance and individual work scenarios.



ClickUp and Asana lead the pack with extensive integrations, catering to a wide range of workflow needs. Combo, Stafiz, and Trello offer numerous integrations as well, albeit more specific to their core functionalities. MS Planner boasts native Microsoft integration, perfect for teams heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem

MS Planner offers native Microsoft integration, perfect for teams heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.


User experience

While ClickUp might require a steeper learning curve, Stafiz, Trello and others boasts an intuitive interface, making it easy for service-based teams of all tech levels to adopt.


Remember, choosing the right workload management tool depends on your industry, your needs and your preferences.

If you'd like to find out more about workload management, please contact the Stafiz team for a free demonstration.