How to set up optimal project monitoring: best practices and tools

January 23, 2024
Project monitoring

Gradually, project monitoring has become a part of our lives, both personal and professional. Each daily mission then turns into a project, thus involving the trio of objectives, costs and deadlines mentioned when we spoke to you about performance measurement.

Therefore, implementing project management methods becomes essential to see your project succeed.

In this article, we will review good practices and tools to master for optimal project monitoring .


1. 3 essential steps to succeed in a project

     A) Prepare the project carefully

Preparation represents a crucial step in the 5 phases of project management . Indeed, it will help clarify certain points:

  • Expected deliverables
  • The budget
  • The deadlines
  • Key skills
  • The different stages that make up the project
  • Tasks for each deliverable 


The project manager, also called project manager, must then be able to offer realistic estimates . This then goes through:

  • Analysis of available resources: financial, human, material
  • Taking into account the context in which the project takes place
  • Prioritization of objectives and tasks 
  • Risk anticipation 


Although the preparation is long and time-consuming, it establishes solid foundations for good project monitoring and ultimately, the overall success of the project.


     B) Choose resources strategically

  • Identify available resources

The resources allocated to a project determine its success. Make sure your project manager knows exactly what resources he or she has available, human , financial and material .


  • Maximize the resource planning 

With regard to human resources, understanding the challenges of resource planning and

its strategic implementation will be a valuable asset.


  • Simulate and adjust

Simulate scenarios using project management tools, and adjust as needed. To deliver a quality project on time, you will have to organize your resources carefully.

Stafiz integrates the most advanced functions on the market in terms of resource planning including capacity planning — precise assessment of needs, anticipation of profile needs & sourcing — employee allocation/planning as well as monitoring of working time monitoring .

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     c) Define project monitoring methods

It is impossible to imagine the smooth running of a project without having defined the monitoring methodology . Thus, following a project requires 3 factors:

    • Good visibility
    • Great flexibility 
    • Kind communication


  • Good visibility 

This proves to be strategic on two levels, from a macro and micro point of view. 


Macro vision 

Good visibility from a macro point of view will make it possible to monitor the project portfolios , therefore all projects. First of all, you will be able to ensure that current projects remain aligned with the company's long-term strategy .

Then, you will have all the information necessary to distribute your resources appropriately or make adjustments .


Micro vision