13 time management software packages to keep track of your working hours

June 11, 2024

Measuring, organizing and planning working time is essential to boosting productivity. productivity.

Using time management software will help you in this task. There are many on the market, each addressing different needs. For example, a self-employed worker and a manager in a large group will not have the same needs, and will benefit from using a tool adapted to their context.

To help you choose the software best suited to your business, we've put together a selection of 14 time tracking software packages, divided into 6 categories of need. 


Why use time management software?

Monitor ongoing projects

Using Time and Activity management (time and activity management) software helps you keep track of the project from day to day. It allows you to see howcosts and deadlines evolve in relation to estimates.

By centralizing information, it facilitates reading and analysis, providing a clear view of performance.

Project managers then have all the information they need to optimize resources


Optimizing productivity through time management

Time management software helps measure performance to improve productivity.

In fact, it provides precise and reliable information on working times, which is vital for to establish an optimized workload plan.

It also helps to identify time-consuming tasks, the optimization of which would generate productivity gains. 


Planning resources

Thanks to this better understanding of performance, managers can prioritizeteam organization more effectively.

Managing a project means knowing what resources are available. 


Time management software for project-based companies

Professional services companies such as consulting firms and IT Services operate on a project basis.

This type of structure requires fluid coordination between managers, consultants and customers. What's more, the profitability of each project must be closely monitored.

As a result, a global solution combining billing, project management and HR is often required. 


Stafiz, the ERP for service companies

  • Why choose Stafiz? 

Stafiz offers an efficient time management solution, and more generally, a complete management of resource planning.

Stafiz software features

This software is designed to optimize the management of various projects within the same structure, with profitability at the heart of the product. Our solution has been designed to meet the needs of our users as effectively as possible.

Your employees - both internal and external - enter their time from the web application, accessible on desktop and mobile. If these times need to be confirmed with a manager or customer, validation workflows can be configured to simplify and accelerate these processes.

What's more, Stafiz's time recording feature enables you toautomate invoicing: time worked and daily or hourly rates for your employees are calculated and filled in automatically. The customer's information is transferred to the order form.


  • Features  

Our all-in-one solution is organized into 3 building blocks: management of resource planning, project management and activity management.

Whether used as an integrated solution or as a complement to other management software, Stafiz offers features that are highly appreciated by service companies. 

Load forecast monitoring

You don't have a long-term view of the load?

The forecast view enables you to ensure your resource capacity and adjust the load in the event of imbalance.

More on resource planning with Stafiz

Forecast workload

Time tracking

Does your business require you to keep track of time at different points in time?

Stafiz lets you track working hours at the granularity of your choice, without creating friction.

Discover time management with Stafiz

Mobile time recording software

Schedule management and coordination

Problems balancing the load?

Stafiz's load planning visibility helps you increase your occupancy rates.

Find out more about resource planning

Project planning

Profile search

Is resource allocation a complex task for you?

The Stafiz search engine allows you to find profiles by skill, role and experience.

Discover Stafiz talent sourcing

Profile search for resource allocation


You don't have a complete overview of your production?

Stafiz dashboards automatically synchronize to keep margins and progress up to date in real time.

Stafiz ergonomic dashboards

Project dashboards

Deviation alerts

Can't identify the risks of deviations?

The Stafiz algorithm calculates landing progress in order to identify risks and alerts you in the event of deviation.

Find out more about budget tracking

Project dashboards



Harvest time tracking software

  • Why choose Harvest? 

Havest facilitates project management with a focus on profitability. This time-tracking software helps ensure that projects are on track.


  • Features 

Harvest is a time-measurement software combined with a billing tool.

The software integrates time and expense tracking for comparison purposes. In this way, Harvestclearly identifies the priority tasks needed to ensure the success of the project within budget. 


  • What's the alternative for Harvest?

Tickspot presents itself as a less expensive alternative. This option is also budget-friendly and profitable.


HRIS time recording software

This category of time and activity management software is aimed primarily at medium-sized and large companies with complex HR issues.

Software designed to address these needs facilitates employee management, administration, training and recruitment.



Software Time and Activity management Kelio

  • Why choose Kelio?

Kelio is a complete HRIS tool, integrating time tracking and many other functions to facilitate administrative management. Kelio digitizes and centralizes information. 


  • Features

Kelio facilitates time management, administration, talent management, payroll and access control.

Kelio offers time and attendance software for tracking working hours and managing access to buildings. The solution also includes an HR portal for managing schedules, absences, expense reports and payroll.



Software Time and Activity management Factorial

  • Why choose Factorial?

Factorial is an all-in-one HR solution for simplifying administrative processes and managing human resources in their entirety.

It is aimed more at medium-sized and large companies, whose organization can be complex. This time recording software offers a wide range of functions, organized in modules. 


  • Features

Factorial is also an HRIS solution that integrates the tracking of working hours, schedules and absences, with a geolocation option.

Other purely HR functions include task automation, management of payroll variables and online signatures.

On the personnel management side, talent acquisition , onboarding and offboarding, objectives and training management can also be handled from within the software.

Project Forecast Budget Table Template

Optimize Your Candidate Pipeline with Stafiz ATS

Stafiz integrates your recruitment process. When a candidate is selected, their profile is automatically created, and you can integrate them into your schedules.

Learn more



Euracia HRIS time management software


  • Why choose Eurecia?

Eurecia digitalizes and simplifies HR processes. Sur strength lies in our commitment to employee well-being.

This solution is intended as a trusted partner for "imagining and living our businesses differently". 


  • Features

Eurecia is a tool designed to facilitate human resources management.

This time tracking software integrates expense report management, electronic signatures, leave and absence management, and an HR portal. 


Which time-tracking software is right for remote teams?

Companies working 100% remotely may have more advanced requirements in terms of time tracking.

Some may feel the need to monitor their employees' activity more closely to gain greater visibility. 



Monitask employee monitoring software


  • Why choose Monitask? 

Monitask is time tracking software for companies requiring a high level of control.

This solution specializes in remote team management and is designed as a monitoring tool to maximize productivity. 


  • Features

Monitask allows you to track activities such as time, tasks, applications and attendance.

The software can also generate reports and randomly capture employee screens.



Jibble time management software


  • Why choose Jibble? 

Jibble is an alternative to Monitask and is aimed at the same target group: companies requiring a high level of control.

This time-tracking software enables you to assess where your time is going, and calculate time precisely by activity, project and customer. 


  • Features

Jibble also offers time tracking, thanks to a Chrome extension.

The tool offers the option of taking screenshots, even offline. The tool offers predefined time templates, visualization options, export to CSV or to payroll software, and the ability to set reminders. 


Billings Pro

Billings pro software


  • Why choose Billings Pro?

Billings Pro is designed for teams and freelancers who are often on the move. Its compatibility with easily accessible devices (iPad, Apple Watch) makes it ideal for mobile use.

This time tracking software is ideal for sales staff and freelancers working on several projects at once. 


  • Features

Billings Pro offers the following features:

  • estimates by customer, by prospect, by project, thanks to predefined templates,
  • time tracking on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch,
  • reporting functionalities,
  • setting up reminders.


Pointing software for field use

Companies operating in the hotel or restaurant sector have specific needs in terms of time tracking.

Indeed, so-called "field" teams often have to clock in and out precisely, as required by French labor law.



Skello pointing software


  • Why choose Skello?

Skello is designed for field teams wishing to centralize HR and administrative management on a single platform. Collaborative planning facilitates communication with teams.

This tool is an ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, retail, medical, industrial and service sectors. 


  • Features

Skello offers time and absence management with badge readers, mobile app (ideal for travel) and storage for administrative data. 

As for the HR portal, it enables planning to be shared to facilitate coordination.


Bizneo Time Manager

bizneo time tracking software


  • Why choose Bizneo?

Bizneo is a flexible pointing solution.

Its added value lies in its ability to produce official reports, facilitating inspections by the Labour Inspectorate.

Bizneo makes it easy to comply with French labor law. 


  • Features

Bizneo offers functions for supervising working hours and schedules, attendance and access.

A stopwatch triggers the recording of working hours. Time registration is geolocated, and can be performed by PIN code, QR code or facial recognition if security is required.

Bizneo Time Manager also makes it possible to distinguish between accumulated overtime and the time limits set. This makes overtime compensation much easier.



Software Time and Activity management Combo


  • Why choose Combo? 

Combo is an alternative to Skello. This time recording tool improves HR tracking.

It organizes, centralizes and simplifies team management.

This software is designed primarily for hotels and restaurants, for simple, reliable management.


  • Features

Combo offers planning and digital time-clock functions. Combo can be integrated with cash register software, for example.

The tool also offers the option of duplicating weeks for fast, efficient planning.


Customized views by team and by facility enable precise monitoring of availability to optimize activity rates. This history is kept for all your productivity analyses.

On the resources side, the application can be used to edit HR documents, manage payroll and payroll variables, as well as manage overtime and validate leave.


Time recording software for the self-employed

Working as a freelancer means having a clear view of your working hours.

Working time tracking software provides precise measurements to help you control your invoicing. 

Toggl track

Toggl time recording software


  • Why choose Toggl?

Toggle Track is ideal for freelancers and independent workers.

This time tracking software is also suitable for small teams, enabling them toquickly record their working time on each task. 


  • Features

The main feature of Toggl track is its stopwatch. However, the software also offers task scheduling and detailed report generation.



Clockify time management software


  • Why choose Clockify? 

Clockify is ideal for freelancers, thanks to its easy-to-use application.

That said, teams can also benefit, as the tool is adapted to project and team management. 


  • Features

Clockify also features a stopwatch. Other features include the ability to measure time per billable hour or project, report generation, time export and time estimation per project.

Other functions, such as leave management, approvals and expense management, make this tool equally suitable for larger companies. 


Choosing the right time management software for your company and your team is essential.

Indeed, an all-in-one platform is not necessarily the solution. Generally expensive, they can have a steep learning curve.

Take the time to clearly identify your needs and the features that are essential to your business before making your choice. It can also be beneficial to find out what tools are used in your industry.