Archiving expense receipts with probative value in Stafiz

Stafiz saves you time by avoiding having to store proof of expenses and invoices, thanks to the storage of expenses with probative value. The digitalization of expense reports is complete and saves valuable time for your employees and your administrative teams.



What is archiving of costs with probative value?

Archiving with probative value corresponds to all the technological and organizational measures put in place in order to record, store and faithfully restore any document or data with legal value.

A document with probative value is a document whose legitimacy and inalterability can be proven. The probative value gives the same value to a document in paper format as a document in digital format.

What is the objective of archiving with probative value?

This involves providing digital conformity to documents supporting expenses to avoid any internal or external fraud and providing a sufficient guarantee of validity to the control bodies (internal audit, URSSAF control, etc.) on the supporting documents. digitally recorded.

What are the advantages of archiving for probative value?

  • Once expenses are recorded, employees no longer need to keep the paper invoice
  • No more need to create reconciliations between tickets and expense reports! Digitalization is total.
  • No more control necessary between the paper receipt and the expenses entered in Stafiz

  • No need to store expense receipts over several years
  • You no longer have the mental burden of the part to find in the event of a URSSAF inspection, everything must be stored
  • Searches are simplified in the event of verification or control

  • Stafiz works with CertEurope as a third-party parking meter, approved by URSSAF
  • Each expense receipt is protected from any challenge to its content thanks to the timestamp token systematically added to the document
  • The storage of documents is guaranteed and complies with the legal rules in force
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What is the legal framework that authorizes this?

To dematerialize the management of expense reports, it is necessary to follow the following principles:

Legal framework: article A102 B-2 of the tax procedures book which governs the digitalization of professional expenses.

  • Identical reproduction of the original: the copy must conform to the original in image and content.
  • Nothing should be altered, retouched or modified.
  • If the file is compressed to reduce its size, there should be no loss of information.

All documents must be digitized and stored in a PDF format or in a PDF A/3 format (ISO 19005-3) in order to guarantee the interoperability of the systems and the sustainability of the data.

A security, compliance or time stamping system corresponding to at least the one-star general security reference system (RGS) must be put in place, making it possible to record in particular the dates of the various operations carried out.

Managing your expenses in Stafiz becomes child's play:

  • Take a photo of your receipt from the Stafiz app
  • The amount, date, VAT are automatically indicated thanks to OCR which recognizes the photographed data
  • Select the project to which you need to assign it. If the expense is rebillable you can indicate it (this mention will be validated by the approver(s))
  • You can throw away your receipt!
  • The fee follows the different validation stages that are provided by your company
  • You are notified as the validation steps are completed until the status changes to paid!

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