Time and Activities software: optimize your time and activity management

May 05, 2023

You are an SME/VSE, an IT Services , whatever your sector of activity, you know that productivity and performance rhyme with time and activity management.

Stafiz, is a software editor that has developed a TAM software, an intuitive and easy to use tool for all your company's employees. This GTA software allows you to track and analyze the hours worked by your employees, manage schedules, vacations, overtime, but also the activities of mobile teams. It is a planning tool that allows you to fully concentrate on your business and your employees. 

In this article, we will explore the specifics of time tracking and activities software to help you choose the right one for your business. 

What is time and activity management?

Time and activity management is a complex, time-consuming task, but essential for analyzing the productivity and performance of your activity. 

Every employer needs to know how much time their teams spend on each task, as well as what type of activity they are working on at any given time. Entering and tracking time is an essential point in determining how to best use available human resources.


This is where Time and Activities tracking software comes in. Time and Activities software is an IT solution that helps track and analyze employees' working hours, the activities they work on, to put it simply: Time and Activities software is a time management software.

For project accounting and management, Time and Activities software is a tool that provides global visibility of the project's progress. For leave management, time management software allows you to track absences and validate leave requests. It also allows to automate the follow-up of invoicing, to follow the performances and to anticipate the forecasts of the company.

How does Time and Activity management software work? 

A GTA software works by collecting data on employees' working hours, the activities they work on, the costs that correspond to the projects. It allows for better project planning, more accurate tracking of potential overtime. In short, the time and activity management software allows you to have a better planning of projects and an excellent follow-up of your activities. 

The data collected is then integrated into a database where it can be analyzed. Employers can access it at any time, and use the information to make decisions.

CEOs, PMOs or project directors can focus more on employees, their availability, but also the hard skills that they can allocate according to the business issues encountered by the company. Thanks to good capacity planning, you can optimize the management of your teams' working times and intervention times. 

How can employers use Time and Activity management software? 

Employers can configure the software to collect data that is applicable for their business. 

For example, you can set up your  GTA software to track data on work hours, the specific tasks employees are working on, and when they are available and can be mobilized for other assignments. 

Time management in Stafiz: view of the resource planning

Time and Activities software can also be configured to generate customized reports that highlight the information (e.g., company time tracking, leave/absence request management, activity planning, etc.) you need to make the right decisions for your business and project success. 

The project dashboard in Stafiz: the consolidation of time tracking and associated costs allows a current and forecast view, of the planned vs. reality

Who can use TAM software? 

It is mainly used by human resources departments, team leaders and managers to ensure effective work planning and better management of labor costs.

Large corporations and government organizations are the primary users of TAM software, but it can also be used by small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their human resources management and budget tracking. 

How to use Time and Activity management software properly?

It is essential to understand your business environment, the type of industry and/or service you work for. At Stafiz, you have a dedicated account manager to configure our platform to your processes and your operation: teams/BU (internal and external), geographical areas, granularity of time tracking, type of projects (internal, external), grades, management leave or not… We also train your teams.

TAM software can produce reports on time use and team activities. Use these reports to identify trends and improve the efficiency of your business. By using Time and Activity software effectively, you can dramatically improve the efficiency of your business in terms of both employee satisfaction and financial performance.

What is TAM in payroll? 

TAM, or Time and Activity Management, is a key function of payroll. It consists of recording, tracking and managing employees' work hours, as well as absences, leaves and work-related activities, such as training, meetings, travel, etc.

Time and Activity management enables companies to accurately calculate employee wages and benefits, track employee productivity, comply with labor and payroll laws and regulations, and make informed human resources decisions.

Time and Activity management is often performed using specialized software that allows employees to enter their hours and activities, supervisors to collect and manage them, and the payroll department to automatically generate the necessary payslips and reports.

Stafiz integrates perfectly with your payroll software , such as SilaeExpert, Nibelis or Payfit. Exporting flat files in the correct formats for variables and absence logs saves considerable time.

What are the challenges for companies with TAM software? 

This type of software allows first of all an improvement of the productivity. By allowing a more efficient management of the working hours and activities of the employees, Time and Activity management software allows to optimize the productivity of the company.

It also guarantees a reduction in costs, because by avoiding data entry errors and automating certain administrative tasks, Time and Activity management software reduces the costs associated with managing working time.

Time and Activity management software is in regulatory compliance, meaning that it allows you to comply with the regulations in force regarding working hours and paid leave.

With its use, you will also notice an optimization of human resources management. By providing accurate data on hours worked, overtime, and employee activities, Time and Activities software enables human resource managers to make informed workforce management decisions.

Improved quality of work life, because by allowing better planning of schedules and leave, GTA software can contribute to improving the quality of work life of employees.

In summary, Time and Activity management software is an essential tool for companies seeking to optimize their management of employee time and activities. It helps improve productivity, reduce costs, comply with regulations and optimize human resources management.


Project management through the use of TAM software

Project management is a complex process that involves the coordination of several tasks and several people. To facilitate this process, many project management professionals use project management software.

The time and activity management software is designed to help teams manage their tasks, communicate with each other and execute. It allows project managers to create task lists, assign them to team members, track their progress and update project status. ATM software offers features such as deadline management, progress reports, dashboards and automated reminders to help project managers stay on track.

The main benefit of using TAM software is the ability to keep track of all tasks and aspects of the project in one place. Project managers can easily see what needs to be done, who is working on what, and where the project is at. This reduces the risk of delays or errors, as project managers can quickly identify potential problems and remedy them before they become bigger issues.

Another key benefit of using GTA software is the ability to work remotely. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many teams are now working remotely and telecommuting has become more common within corporate cultures. This allows project managers to work with different teams, in different geographical regions and to continue to drive their project despite travel restrictions. You will need to manage your subcontractors as easily as your internal staff.

In addition to these benefits, Time and Activity management software helps project managers manage their time more efficiently. Features such as deadline management and automated reminders allow project managers to focus on important tasks and avoid wasting time tracking the progress of individual team members. This reduces stress and frees up time for more important project management activities.

Finally, time and activity management software helps project managers stay organized. Task lists, progress reports, and dashboards can help project managers get an overview of the project's status. This allows for a better understanding of where the project is at and more informed decisions to be made accordingly.

In conclusion, Time and Activity management software offers a variety of benefits for project managers looking to successfully manage their projects while keeping track of project information. 

TAM software for Agile project management

The Agile method is increasingly developed in companies. It allows greater flexibility in project management as well as better cost optimization. 

It is important to remember that an Agile team is based on 4 pillar values: 

  1. Individuals and their interactions are prioritized over tools and processes
  2. Favor operational products rather than exhaustive documentation
  3. Value adaptation to change rather than mechanical follow-up of an established plan
  4. Further develop collaboration with customers rather than contractual negotiations

In this context, an GTA software allows the project manager and his collaborators to optimize the time/productivity ratio. This notion is fundamental in ESN and consulting companies. Understanding where and how human resources are used for the success of customer projects is a key element in the success and reputation of these companies, which are often involved in complex industrial and technical projects.

By gaining a global view of the client's project through Time and Activities tracking software, CEOs and/or PMOs can easily achieve their own objectives, as well as those of their clients. 

Time and Activity management software is an excellent collaborative tool, guaranteeing good HR management, but also project management control. 


Time and Activities software is a perfect CRM for sales teams


If you want to help your sales team with a CRM adapted to your business, know that Time and Activities tracking software makes this functionality easy and intuitive.From managing incoming leads to producing quotes, you can anticipate your employees' resource planning from pre-sales.

In Stafiz, tracking opportunities (on the Stafiz CRM or in yours via the APIs) allows you to anticipate human resources needs and pre-staff employees on the needs management module

Discover the resource planning management in Stafiz