How do you choose the right Time and Activity management software for your business?

July 06, 2023

Choosing the right Time and Activity management software for your business is no easy task. There is a plethora of time management tools available, and it's natural to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of offerings on the market. 

To choose the software best suited to your activity, you need to define your expectations in terms of functionalities, so as to opt for the solution best aligned with your needs. 

In this article, Stafiz offers you a complete guide to choosing the right tool your objectives.


How does time management software work?

Time and Activity management software works by collecting data on employees' working hours, the activities on which they work, and the costs that correspond to projects.

This enables better project planning and more accurate tracking of any overtime.


The data collected is then integrated into a database where it can be analyzed. Employers can access it at any time, and use the information to make decisions.


CEOs, PMOs or project managers can focus more on their employees, their availability, but also the hard skills they can allocate according to the business issues faced by the company. 

With the right capacity planning, you can optimize the management of your teams' working hours and intervention times.


What are the advantages of Time and Activity management ?

Time and activity management (Time and Activity management) can address a wide range of issues. Recording and tracking working hours and absences, drawing up schedules and allocating tasks are all time-consuming tasks with little added value.

Time and activity management software can handle a variety of tasks, helping to create a clear picture of resource and skill requirements.

More efficient planning

The data collected is structured and organized in the Time and Activity management software in order todraw up a strategic plan that is not only effective but also legal.

It contributes to greater flexibility. Schedules can be easily adapted to accommodate last-minute changes orchanges in regulations.

For example, Stafiz helps you to easily find the most qualified profiles thanks to its search engine. Enter your requirements in terms of skills, experience and/or availability, and let the algorithm cross-reference the information.



The Time and Activity management software also centralizes, categorizes, tracks and schedules all information relating to absences, taking into account :

  • paid vacations ;
  • maternity and paternity leave ;
  • RTT ;
  • sick leave ;
  • in-house projects.

In this way, information on staff availability can be taken into account when assigning tasks, thus limiting the risk of scheduling errors.


A tool from Time and Activity management boosts productivity

With a precise view of resources and manpower, you're perfectly equipped for optimal planning.

You have information such as workloads, skill requirements and deadlines, all of which serve as a solid basis for anticipating needs. In this way, you can limit understaffing and overwork.

This makes it possible to divide tasks strategically. You benefit from everyone's different skills, and the company's overall performance improves.

Employee time tracking

Real-time visibility into schedules and load

Find out more about resource planning


More reliable payroll management thanks to software Time and Activity management

Time processing makes payroll management more efficient and reliable.

Once combined with your payroll manager, either through integration or by using an integrated solution such as Stafiz, the data is continuously updated, leaving little room for human error during data entry.

Your employees' pay slips are then calculated based on their salary or ADR, and directly pre-filled.



Software Time and Activity management : defining your company's specific needs

To avoid the risk of choosing the wrong tool for your business, you need to study the benefits your company is looking for beforehand.


Optimizing productivity by tracking time

If employee time tracking is to help you analyze your productivity, you need software that recognizes the different activities you perform automatically. 

This type of software recognizes the software or documents you're working on, to simplify the categorization of your time

By consolidating this information, you can take a step back from your organization and your productivity to improve.

Time management software that meets this need : Toggl, Memtime, RescueTime.


Monitoring financial profitability

To compare data on time spent on a project in order toanalyze its profitability, choose software with more advanced financial features. 

It should enable you to track activities billed on a fixed-price basis, and analyze the costs of internal and external collaborators on the project.

Time management software that meets this need : Stafiz, Quickbooks Time.


Visibility on time allocated to R&D

When tracking research and development time, make sure that the granularity of the input granularity meets the administration's reporting needs.

This functionality is required because time spent can be audited for tax credits and/or subsidies that are awarded and linked to the workload spent on these projects.

Time management software that meets this need : Harvest, Timely.


What criteria should you take into account when choosing Time and Activity management software?

Prioritize GTA issues to be resolved

Solve all of the HR challenges facing your business simply through the adoption of software Time and Activity management is impossible. 

Therefore, choosing software by prioritizing by functional requirements may be an option.

Even if most tools offer a global solution, some players have a more pronounced positioning on a particular aspect: 

  • For resource planning and financial project management: Stafiz
  • To prioritize scoring and tracking : Combo or Skello
  • For accurate absence tracking : KiwiRH
  • To prioritize compliance with legal and contractual obligations : Kelio
  • To optimize work organization : Lucca


Stafiz also offers a global solution for managing your business, organized into modules pre-sales, resource planning and planning, time tracking, project management, invoicing and reporting...

This organization into modules makes it possible toselect the priority bricksto be implemented. You can thereforegradually integrate a Time and Activity management solution into your business .


The user experience

When making your choice, focus on theemployee experience: a simple, flexible way of tracking employees' time should be made as easy as possible for them to approach.

When the tool is complex, employees are put off by it. As a result, monitoring is likely to be delayed at best, or not carried out at all.

To avoid this situation of rejectionTo avoid this rejection situation, we recommend checking that the time entry experience is simple, and that the software is also accessible from the employee's smartphone.


Associated services

Change can be frightening. The rule is no exception in the corporate world, when it comes to adopting or changing software. This is why the services offered by Time and Activity management software suppliers can become an integral part of your final decision.

Is integration planned by the publisher, a partner integrator or is it to be carried out in-house? If so, what type of documentation is required?

Is support provided when the software is installed? For how long? Is training provided? 

These are all questions that need to be answered to ensure a smooth transition. If possible, choose a supplier with a team of Account Manager team who will be able to support and advise you as you use the software.

Availability resource planning

At Stafiz, an account manager will be with you every step of the way.

Our team of consultants can help you get the most out of our time management and project management solution. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Which time management software is right for your business?

  • By industry

Some business sectors, such as healthcare or construction, are particularly specific. Indeed, they sometimes have to take into account a number of variables. 

The hospital sector needs to anticipate the tracking of multi-site working hours.

The building and civil engineering sector has to deal with time tracking using mobile teams.

Therefore, companies operating in specific industries must carefully identify their needs. This will allow them to choose a relevant tool that will respond to their issues.


  • Depending on company size

Needs vary according to the size of the company. 

SMEs and multinationals will obviously not face the same difficulties. For example, the number of employees but also the organization of the structure will largely influence the choice of Time and Activity management software.

Note that the more complex the company structure with a large number of departments, the more likely it is to need a high level of customization .

On the other hand, small businesses will rather favor easy-to-use Time and Activity management software, focused on an optimal user experience. 


What features can you expect from Time and Activity management ?

To help you choose the right software, you first need to confirm the main objective of your in-house time tracking strategy.

Following this first step, you can put together your checklist of requirements to help you better target the features you're looking for in a time management tool, and thus achieve a better return on investment.


Who benefits from software Time and Activity management

The functional scope of our Stafiz time management software


Functional aspects

  • Real-time recording of time worked

To make it easier to keep track of time, the software should provide a stopwatch, so that you can record the time worked in real time, and pause or stop it just as easily. 

This feature lets you categorize time into missions or tasks for easier analysis. 


  • Time recording granularity 

Not all activities have the same needs. 

Some software packages are better suited to tracking in hours (or even minutes), while others are better suited to tracking in portions of a day (quarter, half or full day).

If your business relies on different time granularities, make sure your time management tool offers this degree of customization.

Discover flexible and granular time management in Stafiz

Optimize your time management today


  • Granularity of task entry 

Most software programs allow you to track time spent on tasks.

Check the details of the depth of planning of tasks and subtasks and subtasks if this is an important criterion for evaluating the activity.


  • Legal compliance

To ensure that this time tracking respect employees' labor rights it is often necessary to define rules in the tool.

You can configure them to impose a limit of hours per day, or the impossibility of entering more hours per year than the legal limit. 

Make sure HR constraints are taken into account in your time management software!


Organization and collaboration

  • Data export

Time tracking is frequently used for different types of reporting. 

Your time management software must be able to export data with the information required for reporting. Make sure you have a data export module.


  • Add comments

When an activity report has to be validated a posteriori by a manager or a customer, adding comments to detail the work carried out can be an asset to better appreciate the time spent on the task.


  • External access

If you work for a customer and bill them for their time, it may be worthwhile to give them access to information in order to facilitate communication with the customerand even speed up validation before invoicing.

If this customer transparency feature is important to you, you should look for a tool that manages activity reports.


Customer billing

If your time tracking is designed to help you bill your customers more easily, choose a tool that enables you to go beyond simple time tracking by customer or by activity.

This tool should enable you to create projects, or even tasks, so that you can precisely track the time spent on each of them. Ideally, you'll manage your quotations and invoicing in the same tool, to save time and increase reliability through automation, and thus reduce the risk of errors induced by manual information transfers. 

Automatic invoicing with Stafiz

Stafiz automates your billing

When a deliverable is ready, you can automatically generate invoices for your projects. Entry is automatic, using the time data recorded by your employees.

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Anticipating software implementation Time and Activity management

As with any change within a company, theinstallation of Time and Activity management software is likely to disrupt the entire organization. This is a project that needs to be anticipated. 


Communicate with teams

First of all, you need to communicate with your teams to clearly identify their friction points and needs.

This will help you choose a relevant Time and Activity management tool that meets real needs. What's more, you'll increase the likelihood of the tool being easily adopted by your employees.


Once you have chosen your Time and Activity management software, prepare for its adoption by your teams.

This requires transparent, regular communication, as well as training throughout the integration process. These should include getting to grips with the tool, while emphasizing the benefits of using the software Time and Activity management.

You can also enlist the support of partners, both for integration into the company and for team training.


Think integration possibilities

Many companies use different tools to manage different aspects of their business before moving on to an all-in-one all-in-one solution.

As a result, manual synchronization oversights and trips from one application to another multiply, and this has an impact on your bottom line.

To compensate for these manual adjustments, it's essential to anticipate the connection needs of your new time scheduling software, so as to make data entry and synchronization more fluid.


  • Leave and absence management

Closely linked to time management, leave and absence management must communicate with the dedicated software. Ideally, when an employee applies for leave and it is validated, theinformation should be passed on to the time management software. This avoids double entry, which wastes employee time and leads to dissatisfaction.

By automating the transmission of information, data is also more reliable, as it is not possible to mistakenly enter time spent on an activity during a day of absence.

If your time management tool integrates a native leave management component, it is even more practical because the connection is automatic and will be maintained over time.


  • Export module

Time tracking can be used for various purposes in other software (HRIS or payroll software for HR tracking, activity management software for margin tracking). It is possible to send this information at a certain frequency by transmitting flat files.

To do this, you need to export the data from the time management software before importing it into the other software. This is a manual operation, but can be automated with Excel spreadsheets.


  • PLC connectors

To facilitate the transfer of information and data between different software programs, the API transmission option remains the most automated. However, the APIs of the two programs must be able to communicate with each other. This is something that needs to be verified.



There are also standard connectors between the various software packages. If this isn't the case, you'll have to develop it. It's a more automated solution, but it can also be more expensive. 


  • Expense management

Expense tracking often goes hand in hand with time tracking. You may need to connect time and expenses for, for example, fixed-price invoicing in man-days, or margin analysis (taking into account time spent and expenses on a project). 

For all these reasons, it's a good idea to connect the software together, or to choose time management software that also has a native expense management module.


In conclusion, before choosing time management software, it is important to ask yourself the right questions: 

  • What is the priority objective? 
  • What are the essential criteria to include in your search? 
  • How will the software interconnect with other software used in the business?

Once all these answers are fixed, it will be much easier to sort through the different software!