How can you better manage your teams and your projects with a resource planning tool ?

Resource planning
Shannon M 02 February 2021
resource planning

When the way we work and carry out projects changes dramatically, it can be very unsettling. Many people have been working remotely for almost two years now and the question of project management and resource planning still arises. Managing your teams and making an efficient resource planning requires a certain amount of organisation. This can be simplified with our Stafiz solution which allows you to :

  • Get your work done quickly
  • Finding and staffing the best profiles
  • To better manage your teams (even remotely)

Managing your projects remotely, what are the challenges?

In every company, practice or agency, a new dynamic has taken hold. Little by little, everyone had to set up an office at home. Even though many felt they were saving time by not having to travel, time is still what project managers and employees lack. Indeed, the new hybrid modes of working, juggling presence in the office and distance, are turning everyone's organisation upside down. Not being able to see each other face to face in all situations sometimes complicates the management of resource planning.

If your teams seem less engaged and involved in their tasks or assignments, teleworking is probably the cause. You can read this blog post on how to better manage your remote employees. It's a real challenge to manage your employees today. You need to get your hands on the best projects and the right profiles to recruit without wasting too much time.

How can you have more visibility on the needs of your customers and on the planning of your teams?

According to this article on the Teamleader website, managing a project is the role of the project manager. "This person's responsibility is to combine strategy (planning) and operations (execution) to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

The different steps are planning the phases of progress and defining the strategic objectives with the stakeholders. " Then, it executes the plan, managing resources (materials, people, etc.) and restrictions (goal, timeframe and cost) throughout the process."

Good task management and respect for deadlines and priorities ensure the success of a project.

Teamleader gives us a list (see below) of all the benefits of good management. That's why we highlight the use of a tool from resource planning. It is the solution to carry out your projects and to motivate your colleagues. Thanks to this software, distance is no longer a problem in order to remain operational.


  1. Meeting the expectations of all stakeholders
  2. Bringing order and clarity
  3. Keep a clear focus and objectives
  4. Optimising resources
  5. Define a realistic action plan
  6. Ensuring quality control
  7. Managing risks
  8. Ensure continuous monitoring
  9. Reducing the risk of failure
  10. Managing success and failure (and learning from it!)

Stafiz is a tool from resource planning that allows you to have more visibility on your customers' needs, collaborators' profiles and their planning. Allocate the right resources to your projects and manage the workload of your teams!

Discover the Stafiz solution

Stafiz, an automatic and fast solution

Stafiz offers the possibility to track time in a simplified way. You can update your project tracking in real time, your activity reports are available on all your devices. These are automatically updated and can be synchronised with your online calendars (Google, Microsoft etc.). You can automate time tracking when one of your employees is absent. As an administrator, you can monitor delays, leaves and absences. This is ideal to better see the impact of these elements in real time on project follow-up.

In consulting or in agency, this tool of resource planning is really made for you and makes your life easier. It is the way to improve your productivity by freeing your collaborators from long repetitive tasks. By using all the functions of resource planning of the software, you will have a better vision of what your teams do in real time. You will see who is available and when, as well as the skills and experience of each person.

Manage the resource planning and the loads of the collaborators

Monitor the work of your employees

As a project manager, being able to track the work of your team and quickly search for the best consultants among your employees or subcontractors is possible with this solution from resource planning. Stafiz has a team calendar and a database to find the people who best fit your needs and those of your clients.

To plan your resources even better, you can check the availability and skills of each person in order to place them on the projects that match them.

Using Stafiz software simplifies your recruitment organisation. As each need arises, create and centralise requests for resource planning and let the automation of the tool suggest the resources you need and that correspond to the request. All you have to do is validate!

Centralise your management

For a better organization, it is possible to have a centralized management. Create positions such as Project Management Officer (PMO). According to Project Management Blog, the PMO supports the management and steering of projects by intervening directly or through the project managers. With a global vision, he ensures the progress of the tasks and has a role of control and coach. "It is the role of the PMO to synchronize everything and to ensure that resources are strategically allocated.

How to go further?

Your employees present their experience and skills on their CVs and this information is usually enough to know how to allocate them to different projects. However, they will be more engaged if their preferences, skills and competencies they want to acquire are factored into the equation. Go beyond their CV, ask the right questions and incorporate these variables into your resource planning.

Having this new visibility on your project schedules increases the performance of your company, it allows you to better staff your employees according to their workload. Remote working has led to a tendency to distribute work unevenly to employees. Some are overloaded and others are underloaded. The resource planning tool reduces these errors by providing better visibility of workloads.

As you can see, the use of Stafiz is a considerable advantage for managers, project leaders and employees. The software's precise functionalities adapt to the tasks of each individual and simplify them. There is nothing better than having the best pool of candidates and a broader vision of how you can staff each of these profiles on your projects.

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Stafiz is a solution for resource planning teams. With Stafiz, you automate: the search for profiles, the positioning on customer needs, and the production schedules. You gain visibility and simplicity. You make better decisions that improve the profitability of your business and simplify workload management. 

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