How to choose a Time and Activity management software suited to your needs?

July 06, 2023

Between monitoring working hours, absences, establishing a schedule or even distributing tasks... The issues addressed by Time and Activity management software can quickly become time-consuming . No business is spared, whether operating in the private or public sector , whether the business is an SME or a multinational .

The adoption of GTA software then becomes essential to automate, organize and optimize the HR challenges that impact the company as a whole. However, choosing the right EAM software for your company's needs is no easy task. In this article, Stafiz offers you a comprehensive guide to understand the benefits of implementing EAM software and above all: how to how to choose the right tool your objectives.

What is software Time and Activity management ?

The latter, also called time and activity management software, is a tool designed to support companies in their personnel management .

This platform offers the possibility of recording, monitoring and analyzing a set of HR data, generally working hours, tasks or even absences.

Very often, Time and Activity management software is integrated into the HRIS , Human Resources Information System. This is used for the management of HR data within a company thanks to the centralization of data . By providing a global vision, it facilitates informed and relevant decision-making .

Why use software Time and Activity management ?

The more a company grows and sees its number of employees increase, the more rigorous structuring is required. However, the list of administrative tasks linked to human resources is continually growing: managing the allocation of resources, organizing schedules, managing absences, editing pay slips, etc. It then becomes very easy to get overwhelmed among the crowd. information.

Using time and activity management software can simplify this process. In fact, a GTA tool will facilitate many HR tasks. Ultimately, this will lead to improved efficiency and productivity and therefore profitability profitability.

Investing in GTA software therefore quickly becomes a necessity in order to improve your organization's performance.

Who is concerned by the use of GTA software?

Although the GTA software primarily concerns HR departments, the whole organization is actually affected. 

1. Departments

The HR department remains the first concerned, with Time and Activity management software allowing a precise vision of the distribution of resources, recruitment needs and even skills management. However, other departments benefit from optimized time and activity management:

  • The financial department then has valuable information on the performance of employees and the need for resources on each project, thus allowing better budgeting.
  • Management benefits from reliable data to base its decisions, from precise monitoring of productivity, costs and payroll management. In addition, the level of transparency provided by Time and Activity management software allows management to ensure compliance with the company's internal regulations.
Who benefits from software Time and Activity management

2. Profiles

Using software Time and Activity management benefit: 

  • Operational teams , who benefit from a standardized, automatic and efficient system for timekeeping, absence requests and increased visibility of their schedule.
  • To managers , who have a global vision for strategic planning of activities, anticipation of needs, validation and control of information.

The missions of GTA software

Time and activity management software can perform a variety of tasks, helping to create a clear vision of resource and  skill requirements.

1. Define an efficient schedule

The Time and Activity management software makes it possibleto aggregate datarelating to the organization of employees. This data is then used todevelop planning thatis not onlyeffectivebut above alllegal.

Stafiz offers, for example, a resource planning management module with the following functionalities:

Real-time visibility into schedules and load
Powerful profile search module in Stafiz

A. Data collection

Generally, Time and Activity management software is associated with other tools in order to collect data , which can come from a badge reader, presence reports or even the digitalization of absences.

This data, then structured and organized , helps team managers to define a strategic and optimized schedule .

B. Strong responsiveness

Finally, Time and Activity management software helps generatestrong responsiveness. In fact, schedules can easily beadaptedaccording to last minute changes or in the event of changesin regulations.

Let us also remember that the organization of working hours must imperatively respect the labor code, laws and regulations, as well as collective agreements negotiated within the company. 

2. Optimize payroll management

With the use of Time and Activity management software, errors in pay slips are becoming increasingly rare. Indeed, all information is collected and structured automatically , leaving little room for possible human errors.

Double entries are avoided and processing overtime is made easier. In short, the data turns out to be precise and reliable .

In addition, it is essential to connect your GTA software software to your payroll management tool. Otherwise, data will be duplicated, leading to errors and wasted time.

3. Manage absences

Managing absences in a company remains a complex issue, as there are so many types and reasons for absences: paid leave, maternity and paternity leave, RTT, sick leave or even training, etc. 

The Time and Activity management softwarecentralizes,categorizes,tracksandplansall information relating to absences. This goes from formulating the request to follow-up.

4. Optimize business performance

GTA software helps improve business performance on several levels.

1. Capacity planning: capacity planning

Thanks to a precise vision of resources and workforce , you are perfectly equipped to implement optimal planning .

Indeed, you have information such as workloads, required skills, deadlines, all of this data serving as a solid basis foranticipating needs. You thus limit understaffing and work overloads. Finally, implementing effective resource planning management is relatively accessible thanks to well-designed Time and Activity management software.

2. Resource allocation 

Resource allocation is greatly facilitated by the use of GTA software. It provides an overview of employee availability, competencies, skills and workloads. This makes it possible to distribute tasks strategically. You can take advantage of the different skills of each employee, and the overall performance performance.


To help you, consult the guide to effective resource management.

3. Operational management

Time and Activity management software facilitates operational management by providing anaccurate viewof current projects, deadlines, possible delays or potential problems. The reporting features present provide managers with a clear view of the status of projects, helping them toreact quicklyin the event of an alert.

Stafiz notably includes a module dedicated to project management . The latter allows, among other things:  

  • Centralize information relating to a project
  • Improve team visibility with advanced reporting functionality
  • Simplify financial monitoring

4. Data analysis 

The information collected by GTA software is invaluable for identify areas for improvement. In fact, the reports and analyses generated enable you to base your decision-making on concrete facts. If necessary, you can then support your teams in optimizing their processes.

The advantages of software Time and Activity management

1. Automate processes

With the use of Time and Activity management software, data relating to personnel management is automatically integrated digitally . By limiting human intervention, you save considerable time and limit the risk of errors .

2. Provide reliable data

The data automatically inserted into Time and Activity management software is reliable and precise. Structured, the information is easilyaccessible, allowinginformed decision-making.

3. Produce analysis reports

Most Time and Activity management software offers fairly advanced analysis features, allowing thegeneration of reports and dashboards. This helps provide an overview where the data isreadable and actionable, generating significant time savings.

4. Benefit from an easily accessible tool

Although Time and Activity management software still exists on locally installed servers, most Time and Activity management software is nowaccessible from a SaaS platform. The supplier therefore offers a cloud-basedsolution, which allows easy access thanks to a simple internet connection. This is a big asset for teams on the move or working remotely.

Challenges and issues faced by teams in relation to GTA

Businesses find themselves facing many challenges when it comes to managing time and activities within their organization.

  • Monitoring of working times. Having a precise overview of working times in the era of teleworking and flexible hours is becoming more and more complex.
  • Priority management . A lack of information can lead to poor prioritization of tasks and generate delays and stress. The risk then becomes a reduction in commitment generating a reduction in performance.
  • Compliance with regulations . Indeed, it is not always easy to ensure that policies in terms of leave, working hours and overtime limits are respected.
  • Employee engagement . Poor management of working hours and the distribution of tasks can cause a drop in motivation and commitment within teams.

How do you choose the right GTA software for your business?

Define your business needs

A. The objectives to achieve

Before embarking on in-depth research, make sure you've identified the objectives you want to achieve by adopting GTA software: limiting absenteeism, optimizing working hours, better managing project allocation... These objectives will really depend on your own organization. depend on your own organization.

B. Company size

Needs mayvary depending on the size of the company. An SME and a multinational will obviously not go through the same difficulties. Thus, thenumber of employeesbut alsothe organization of the structurewill largely influence the choice of Time and Activity management software.

Note that the more complex the company structure with a large number of departments, the more likely it is to need a high level of customization .

On the other hand, small businesses will rather favor easy-to-use Time and Activity management software, focused on an optimal user experience. 

C. Industry

Certain sectors of activity, such as health or construction for example, are particularly specific. Indeed, they sometimes have to integrate a certain number of variables. Notably : 

  • The hospital sector must anticipate the monitoring of multi-site working hours
  • The construction industry must handle time tracking with mobile teams

Therefore, companies operating in specific industries must carefully identify their needs. This will allow them to choose a relevant tool that will respond to their issues.

Prioritize GTA issues to be resolved

Solve all of the HR challenges facing your business simply through the adoption of software Time and Activity management is impossible. 

Therefore, choosing software by prioritizing functional needs may prove to be an option. Even if most tools offer a global solution, certain players have a more pronounced position on a particular aspect:

  • To prioritize pointing and tracking: Combo or Skello
  • For the resource planning and project financial monitoring: Stafiz
  • For precise monitoring of absences: KiwiRH
  • To prioritize compliance with legal and conventional obligations: Kelio
  • To optimize work organization: Lucca

Stafiz also offers a global solution for managing your activity , all organized into modules : pre-sales, resource planning and planning, time tracking, project management, invoicing and reporting, etc.

This organization into modules makes it possible toselect the priority bricksto be implemented. You can thereforegradually integrate a Time and Activity management solution into your business .

Choose a tool specific to your industry 

As mentioned above, some business sectors are more specific than others. Choosing GTA software software dedicated may be an appropriate option.

Notably : 

Identify essential features 

Time and Activity management software offers awide range of features. Therefore, listing and selecting the functionalities essential to your business will help you make an initial selection.

Here are the most common features: 

  • Schedule management
  • Management of overtime, night, on-call, part-time
  • Monitoring of absences and leave: RTT, paid leave, sickness, maternity and paternity leave in accordance with regulatory constraints
  • HR portal
  • HR time clock
  • Tracking activities and tasks
  • Calculation of the cost center linked to employees
  • Budget management and monitoring (forecast and actual)
The functional scope of our Stafiz time management software

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Prepare for the adoption of GTA software in your organization

Like any change within a company, the integration of Time and Activity management software risks disrupting the entire organization. This project must therefore be anticipated. 

A. Exchange with teams

First, communicate with your teams to clearly identify their friction points and needs .

This will help you choose a relevant Time and Activity management tool that meets real needs. In addition, you increase the probability that the tool will be easily adopted by your employees.

B. Opt for an easy-to-use tool

Evaluating the level of proficiency of employees who will use Time and Activity management software is essential. Generally intended for HR, finance or management teams, and therefore generally non-technical profiles, it may be wise to opt for a tool with simple and user-friendly ergonomics .

C. Evangelizing the use of Time and Activity management software

Throughout the integration process, it remains necessary to inform your teams. 

You need to communicate clearly with them, highlighting the benefits of using GTA software. Include them in your discussions wherever possible, so that they feel involved.

D. Train your teams

Once the Time and Activity management software is finally chosen, prepare for itsadoption. This requirestransparent, regular communication, but also theimplementation of training.These must include getting to grips with the tool, while emphasizing evangelization. Indeed, it is essential that each team understands the advantages brought by this new software, even if the learning curve may require a few weeks.

You can also get support from partners , both for integration within the company and for team training.

An account manager follows you from start to finish with Stafiz

Our team of consultants supports you to get the most out of our time management and project management solution. Contact us to find out about our support .

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Anticipate the integration of GTA software with other internal tools

Keep in mind that Time and Activity management software will have to integrate with the tools already in place in your company. The most important thing is to ensure integration with your payroll, human resources management and project management tools. Indeed, the data will quickly be brought together.

Good time and activity management can quickly become a competitive advantage for your business. Indeed, when properly optimized, it leads not only to an improvement in team engagement , but also to an improvement in productivity , performance and therefore the profitability of the company.

Taking the time to select Time and Activity management software adapted to the needs and specificities of your business is therefore essential, even if it represents amajor project. Indeed, you will not only needto precisely list your needs,analyze theavailable options and above all, ensure controlled integration and adoptionwithin your organization. Furthermore, be careful toupgradeyour Time and Activity management software according to the growth of your business.


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