The challenges of corporate management

December 12, 2023

Step 3: simulate each situation

The simulation stage completes the anticipation process. The creation of scenarios is a way of materialize the consequences of your decisions. An accurate budget tracking will help you anticipate possible deviations.

This will enable you to adjust your company management strategy, including resource allocationfrom both a human and a financial point of view.

Use all the tools at your disposal. Software that includes Business Intelligence will provide you with relatively consistent and realistic predictions based on your past results. However, bear in mind that these are not absolute truths, but predictions.


Step 4: Respond proactively

The anticipations and simulations carried out previously will help to provide you with the foundation you need to adapt your strategy or even your project governance.

Plan your change of direction:

  • identify the elements to be adjusted that will enable you to come as close as possible to your estimates;
  • test and iterate;
  • prioritize in order of importance.

Demonstrate responsiveness and adaptability is essential here.

Which business management software to choose?

For reporting and dashboards

Reporting and creation of well-constructed are essential to company management and are effective project management tools.

  • The difference between reporting and dashboarding

Reporting involves processing and collecting data. It appears raw, uninterpreted and decontextualized.

To be relevant, this data needs to be structured and formatted so that it can be used as a decision-making tool. Any information taken out of context could lead to misinterpretation and inconsistent decision-making.

  • Choose the right KPIs

The choice ofproject management KPIs - also known as key performance indicators, is strategic.

Margin rates, absenteeism rates, sales figures and recruitment figures are just a few examples.

This step is crucial and needs to be carefully considered. Beware of vanity metrics, these flattering indicators do not always reflect the company's performance and reality.

In addition, be aware that the KPIs to be studied may vary from company to company. In fact, they depend on the stage of development and the objectives to be achieved.

  • Build effective performance measurement tools

Ideally, the construction of dashboards involves the whole company. Each department should be in a position to share key data, enabling them to visibility on the reality on the ground.

Creating project management dashboards can be a tedious project, but the rewards are well worth the investment of time. Relevant relevant dashboards will give you access to clear clear, concise information to help you make decisions in both the short and long term.

In addition, Stafiz is the partner of choice when it comes to setting up an enterprise management system. The different views offered provide a synthetic view of all the data essential for the strategic strategic management from resource planning, to schedules, project costs and activity management.

ERP-type management software

If ERP systems are proving to be indispensable allies when it comes to setting up a business management system they ultimately benefit the entire organization. Indeed, all departments and hierarchical levels will benefit from this360-degree visionproviding reliable reliable aggregate data reliable real-time.

This will prove particularly useful in the anticipation and simulation stages, enabling realistic estimates to be made. realistic estimates. For decision-makers, ERP is a strategic tool providing visibility on the company's activity and growth potential. Any ERP integration or migration project therefore deserves special attention, as it represents an essential tool for company management.

Business Intelligence tools

Business Intelligence, integrated into a number of software packages, complements the above-mentioned tools. The latter will enable a more complete analysis of dataanalysis of data, enabling more realistic forecastscontextualized interpretationsand even concrete suggestions for action.

Enterprise management is based on data. The aim is to ensure activities run smoothly while setting the direction to be taken. For this reason, it is essential to have precise figures that you can rely on, structured in a way that saves you save you time in your decision-making. That's why high-performance, scalable tools are essential.

Stafiz management software has fully integrated this need toofprecision ease of reading andflexibility. Years of consulting experience have enabled us to identified the needs of management and our product has been designed to meet these requirements. Our aim is to provide you withall the visibility you need, as easily as possible, to help you make informed decisions and support your growth.

Stafiz analysis tools help you understand the reasons for over- or under-performance. Here are a few examples:

Analysis of gaps between the initial plan and reality – Analysis by profile type