Why use a resource planning tool?

August 8, 2023

A tool designed to meet the needs of your business.

None of us knew the ancestors of our Macs or PCs, those screenless computers surrounded by hundreds of wires. But perhaps you witnessed the first Macintosh which saw the light of day in 1984. This first personal computer revolutionized computing with its unique graphical interface! Users discovered features that exceeded their imagination, their use of IT was completely simplified!

And you ? Aren’t Excel spreadsheets like those first computers? What about the many tools you use that are not connected together, like those threads that get tangled?

First computers – 1930s

Don't you dream of a tool that would simplify your administrative tasks? In a way, you work the same way as with a computer without a screen, you lack visibility...

A resource planning software can provide this. It can help you streamline your processes for recruiting, allocating resources to your projects and managing your people.

In a few points, understand why:

1 - Efficient resource planning management

What you need is an intuitive tool that allows you to manage your resources easily. A tool with an ergonomic interface improves your user experience and makes it easier to learn. A solution such as this one has this objective: to make your life easier and to make you more efficient.

The tool allows you to simplify the work of your employees by freeing them from repetitive tasks. In fact, they can enter their own time spent on projects, complete their profiles and indicate their availability.

When we talked about visibility, this is exactly what it is: You can benefit from enhanced visibility on team schedules and allocate your resources to projects.

Without a resource planning tool: It is difficult to identify the best people for your projects, let alone know if they are available or not, and manage their absences and leaves. Other tools will provide you with some of the data you need, but a resource planning software provides real-time visibility on employees and contractors.

Your resources are in your hands and you can follow their progress and utilization rate in real time. Managing your resource planning more efficiently ensures a more motivated team with a smoother and more appropriate workload, and therefore better results. This visibility makes the reporting more accurate and the objectives are more likely to be achieved.


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2 – Detailed and optimized planning

Thanks to your complete and total vision : You will know who to allocate, where, and on what task. The software takes care of a lot of the planning and saves you time. The allocation of resources to projects is done in a few clicks, and if you wish, automatically.

Viewing schedules in real time
Benefit from a clear, real-time view of employee schedules and workload

Since you see their availability, you can better manage your teams' schedules. You can optimize their utilization rate in real time if you see that certain employees are overstaffed or understaffed. By taking this data into account and acting quickly to adjust the workload of your teams, you will improve the profitability of your operations .

Since your challenge is to ensure that you are within your margin and that you have sufficient work capacity for the level of your projects, you need the right visibility (we can't repeat this enough!). By identifying who is under-staffed and who can therefore bring in more capacity, you can better anticipate the start of projects. Start them earlier or look to do more.

If, on the other hand, the load on certain people is too great, you will be able to identify this overload early enough. You will be able to make a decision on how to return to a capacity level that will grow your revenue. You will know who to recruit, when and how many new employees are needed .

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3 – A search for the best talents

Your projects deserve the best profiles for the different tasks and deliverables. With a solution from resource planning, you will find more easily the most suitable profiles.

Search and selection of profiles in Stafiz
Search and selection of profiles in Stafiz

A solution of resource planning gives you an overview of the skills of the profiles you find, their experience and their preferences. When your software is equipped with Smart algorithms resource planning , these allow you to find internal or external resources more relevant to your projects in a talent search engine .

Make an Intelligent resource planning : Two possibilities are available to you: let the software automatically allocate resources to projects by crossing criteria of skills, experience and availability; or make your own resource planning .

Download and keep on hand the CVs that caught your attention by archiving them in your database for a future mission.

Discover the resource planning with Stafiz

4 – Centralize your internal and external requests

Teamwork is essential for your business.Your entire organization could be streamlined and communication between employees improved. This is the promise of a staffing tool. Workflows are automated and the right information is sent to the right people at the right time.

When requests for resource planning are made by sales people or project managers, they are directly sent, processed and centralised. The employees responsible for finding the right people are notifiedand have visibility of all requests. The algorithms then suggest the best profiles according to preferences of experience level, skills and availability.

No need to go through your email box anymore! You can be reassured, because the solution takes care of a large part of your administrative tasks, exchanges within the organization, etc. In addition, you can plan projects with both internal and external resources.

The software makes it easy to collaborate with external subcontractors . Access to schedules and profiles is similar and collaboration between them and your company remains fluid.

5 – Synchronize

Finally, synchronization! It's important for a company's employees to stay organized. Let them be aware of changes to their schedule instantly . If an event is added, if a task is extended, they will know. The information visible in your tool's environment will also be visible in employees' personal Microsoft calendars after synchronization.

Providing visibility to employees is one of the main objectives of a management solution. resource planning . Better management of schedules and information received at the right time and in the right place make the management of your organization more fluid and efficient.


Stafiz is a solution for resource planning designed for service activities. It helps you obtain more visibility on the progress of your projects, their profitability and the workload of your employees. Real-time data allows you to better manage your resource planning and to be more efficient. Stafiz is a SaaS management resource planning , project management and Business Intelligence. So budgets and margins are always respected and you make better decisions for your business.

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