4 Tips for digitalizing your recruitment

Shannon M August 12, 2021

4 tips for digitalizing your recruitment

As teleworking has become established since 2020, a new relationship with work has been born. All activities combined, we cannot ignore this desire to work differently which resides in most employees. Those working in offices in particular express this desire to be better at their job, to find meaning in it.

Companies in different sectors of activity face this issue of employee retention. They have questioned themselves a lot over the last two years and many have this ambition to retrain professionally. Good recruitment, which anticipates and prepares to meet the new needs linked to the crisis, must be put in place in order to maintain good staff numbers.

Let's see how to make this recruitment process more intuitive and adapted to this new era, particularly in the digital sector and IT Services .


Some useful information before diving into the subject

61% of IT Services and ICTs believe that the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated digital transformation, making them more autonomous. In fact, more than 29% of them turn to external service providers to manage their digital transformation.

Some numbers :

  • 175,000 net jobs created since 2009 in digital technology
  • 80% executives and 91% permanent
  • 25% are under 30 years old
  • + 9,058 trainees trained in digital technology
  • 49.1% of employees in the digital sector are based in the region
  • 232,000 recruitments planned until 2027
  • More than 70% of jobs are in IT Services

1 – Establish a new remote company culture


A visible identity

It all starts with the identity and the reflection that we wish to give to the company. Building an attractive employer brand is the secret to attracting the best candidates. This involves doing in-depth work on the candidate experience, but also on the employee experience.

Above all, you must clearly define your values and highlight your company's culture in your online job offers. This is about giving candidates a taste of the atmosphere at your company even remotely. Whether it is the employer brand, internal organization, leadership etc. The candidate must feel these good vibes which promise in advance the well-being of the employee in all circumstances.

That's not all: through your writing, it's also about describing the physical environment of your workplaces and teams, the details of roles and tasks in specific terms to better plan ahead. What is also important is the explanation of the type of flexibility introduced. It is true that in 2022, this word means everything and nothing… (Teleworking, vacations, schedules, etc.)


Automate logistics & conduct remote interviews:

Speaking of flexibility… Artificial intelligence is what most defines this digital transformation. Thanks to it, a large part of the process can be automated, such as: job offers written automatically and in a way to attract the attention of candidates.

Artificial intelligence gives recruiters the means to perceive more than just the general skills of candidates . They can better see interesting soft skills in themselves thanks to questionnaires or personality tests. In this way, a recruiter can find the “perfect” talent, which suits the desired needs.

In addition to automating logistics, digital recruitment offers the advantage of conducting interviews remotely and scheduling them automatically. All of these beneficial changes for your business involve establishing a new culture that complements your identity .

This new culture began when everyone had to adapt to remote work and technology tools. This digital culture continues even after this crisis. The habits adopted at the start of 2020 have proven to be as effective as they are useful and practical.

Doing your interviews remotely and video-scheduled allows you to save time , see more people and broaden your field of vision : in fact, recruiting a geographically distant employee should not pose as much of a problem as before , he will know how to work remotely with the appropriate tools.


In summary

Make sure to make your candidates understand who you are, what they can find within your company, as well as your long-term vision of the company for the coming years, including digital transformation.

2 – Use digital tools: recruitment 3.0? (AI, ERP) 

You have surely heard of it: e-recruitment ? Recruitment 3.0, or digital recruitment? Today, you can no longer escape it when you are a recruiter. All stages of the recruitment process are now simplified by digitalization.

This is an asset when distance complicates things. Being able to source candidates and hold remote interviews – as mentioned above – using different tools makes life easier. But this also broadens the choice of candidates.

With a tool like Stafiz, you can manage your recruitment with more organization and visibility on your candidate pipe .

  • Create your customizable application forms
  • Have good visibility of the skills and experience of candidates,
  • Keep the CVs you receive for future offers once this one is filled
  • Use this candidate database to contact them occasionally

The software helps you achieve your recruiting goals, track interview progress, and send automated response emails – all with the goal of saving time and recruiting the right talent quickly.


A good tool can help you sort through your applications, identify the talent you are looking for and keep certain interesting applications “in stock” in a database for the future. It can also automate the writing of offers and responses to applications. Investing in artificial intelligence is an important but beneficial investment for all the reasons mentioned above.

The option of not doing a physics interview is possible thanks to these tools. They respond to different obstacles such as distance, lack of time, etc. In addition, physical interviews are proving to be a hindrance in recruitment for more and more recruiters and candidates. 

And there are several ways to compensate for the shortcomings linked to the choice to do it remotely: Organize deferred interviews with predefined questions or find other steps in the process. More ideas in tip 4!

3 – How to share announcements? Diversify communication channels

To attract new candidates, recruitment must be strategic. We must make them understand from the outset that their well-being is the company's priority. They must immediately feel that joining your team will be an opportunity to progress and flourish in an environment conducive to exchange and the development of new skills. All this despite remote working which concerns many employees today.

To do this, communicate on all your networks, on all the recruitment platforms available. Use multiposting tools to publish your offers on several job boards. Maintain contact by email and send automatic emails.

What candidates read will be their first impression of your company. So optimize the writing of your offers. As mentioned in the first parts of this article: use digital tools to help you, and think about all the important details to include in your ad.

By diversifying your distribution channels and increasing the number of offers, recruitment will have every chance of bearing fruit. And you will target the right talents at a lower cost.


The goal here: to reinvent the exchange between recruiter and candidate by extending communication as much as possible.

  • Because 2/3 of French candidates look for a job using their smartphone (according to Regionjobs 2017), companies must ensure that their communication takes place mainly on networks. But also that their sites and other distribution channels are “mobile friendly”. Many have considered launching dedicated recruitment apps, which simplifies the process for both parties. Among them we can cite these consulting firms: KPMG Recrute and Capgemini. But also large groups like EDF and Orange.
  • Social recruiting? Do you know the method of hunting profiles on LinkedIn? Go even further! Get people talking about you on other networks and let candidates showcase their experience and skills in video on Snapchat for example! (choose the networks adapted to your image, of course)

According to Apec's 2018 Sourcing study, companies use at least 5 different channels to publish their recruitment offers. Today in 2021, surely even more! Are you on the right track?


One more tip: activate YOUR network!

  • Add a section on recruitment in your customer or internal newsletter
  • On networks: use a #
  • Contact the talents in your database

The objective is to target profiles who are already familiar with the company culture, who follow you on the web and know you.


In summary

Be available on your networks and through other channels to answer candidates' various questions. Be clear and dynamic in writing your offers and in your one-to-one exchanges. The goal is to put your candidates at ease and build relationships of trust even before signing a contract!

Objectives of diversifying channels:

  • Target the best profiles
  • Personalize the candidate experience while remaining true to the company's image

Little anecdote: Microsoft is original, even excessive, by offering breakfast to people working at its competitor Amazon to recruit the best talents! How far are you willing to go?

4 – Innovate recruitment 

Digital professions are synonymous with innovation. This should be reflected in every aspect of your business organization. When a recruitment process begins, it is important that the employees who will work with the new recruit feel involved in the search and selection of the candidate.

This is about setting up collaborative recruitment. This is an opportunity to have different points of view and an external perspective which will allow better decisions to be made.

Also consider the possibility of holding your interviews with team members for the same reasons. The candidate will feel even more integrated and engaged, he will have a better perspective of what is happening in your company. Meeting the team beforehand is a stimulating and beneficial experience for everyone.

One of the reasons for involving employees is to give candidates confidence . A company's employees are good ambassadors and reflect your company's culture better than an ad.

In addition to attending interviews and giving feedback, they can help candidates better integrate even before being selected; This by speaking at conferences or other events or by being present during open days.

Read this article for more ideas for engaging interviews and innovative recruiting processes.

Innovation goes hand in hand with the idea of diversity and openness. Recruitment 3.0 offers the possibility of collaborating with talents from all over the world and thus internationalizing your business even further. IT Services .


Last interesting innovation tip: Rethink onboarding!

The direct continuation of recruitment must be consistent with everything you have already put in place. Prepare in advance for candidates to take up their positions by making guidelines available online, accessible to everyone and at any time.

Train them on the digital tools used for remote work. Use your online chat tools or other internal networks to maintain contact and train even remotely.

Don't forget: your goal is to be able to recruit remotely without it making any difference in the candidate's integration. Stay available and creative!

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