JICAP x Stafiz

JICAP gains strategic visibility and improves productivity through integrated management

  • Synergy between operational and strategic management
  • 5 hours saved per week on administrative management
  • Data Reliability Through Automation

Jicap performance

JICAP is a purchasing consultancy firm which shows annual growth of 50%. In this context, the Jicap teams turned to Stafiz to support this growth and structure themselves. Their objective was to have a consolidated vision of their activity to better manage it and increase their productivity.

Until then, they used a commercial CRM and Excel files to manage their activity.


Jicap performance

  • Scope: France
  • Users: 45 employees
  • Sector: Purchasing advice

Context and problem

Founded in 2016, JICAP is a strategy consultancy specializing in purchasing performance. Its unique character is its 360° expertise in the purchasing function: strategy of the purchasing organization, planning of the performance of the purchasing organization, digitalization of the processes of the purchasing function, CSR, risk management and supply chain.

The context of strong growth (+50% each year) has logically led to reflection around integrated management in order to better prepare for and support growth.

The multiplicity of tools that do not communicate with each other has brought to light two problems. The first is the difficulty of having a consolidated and strategic vision of the activity. The second is the loss of productivity due to administrative tasks such as double entry.

Their needs in brief:

  • Have a consolidated vision of the activity, both operational and strategic
  • Gain productivity by no longer requiring resources for the administrative management of separate tools.
  • Have a single tool to manage the entire back office
  • Save money on software used

Jean-Pierre Vignes Jicap


Before selecting Stafiz we had a certain number of software which were “stand-alone”, which were functional blocks and which did not communicate with each other. The strong growth of the firm made us realize that we had reached a threshold in terms of use of tools which no longer allowed us to evolve in line with our growth.

Jean-Pierre Vignes

Solution provided

Jicap produced complete and very strict specifications for this project. Stafiz proved to be the tool that best complied with the specifications by covering all the functional blocks in an integrated manner including the resource planning , the HR part, the management of expense reports, the financial management of the project with the monitoring of profitability in particular. Data consolidation has truly enabled alignment between operational management and strategic vision.

Stafiz's value for money was also perfect.

Jicap achieved 25% savings on software costs.

“We had the chance to discuss commercial exchanges with the founder and we have a single point of contact, our account manager, to manage and lead the implementation of the solution: mirror effect between our company and Stafiz, the needs were all immediately understood and listened: perfect relationship. »


  • Operational and strategic management is gaining in relevance and performance. Consolidated data and automation in Stafiz allowing this synergy.
  • Reliability of figures that were previously unverifiable due to manual processing.
  • Numerous productivity gains: one FTE day per month
  • Savings on software costs (around 25%)

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