Expense Management Solution for projects and services

Stafiz provides a simple and modern solution for project expense management. From a smartphone or on a computer, generating expense reports is quick and simple.
If the expense is not entirely billable, project margins are updated in real time. Invoice expenses once they are approved and confirmed as billable.

Track all expenses at the office or on the road

Whether you are at the office or on the road, Stafiz makes it easy to claim for expenses. Generate expense reports directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Stafiz is the most relevant expense management software for projects and services.

  • Available on any device
  • Scan receipts to generate reports
  • Requests and approvals on smartphone
  • Fast and easy process
Generate expense reports on the go and save considerable amount of time

Make expense management easier for your employees. With Stafiz, they can record expenses as they occur: scan receipts and automatically generate new expense reports. No need to block time at the end of the month, you are busy enough!

  • Scan receipts from smartphone
  • Select the appropriate project
  • Confirm and send for approval
Use manager.one's corporate cards so your consultants don't use their own money for business expenses anymore

Sync our partner's corporate cards manager.one and fetch all your expenses on a daily basis. They are directly taken into account in our system on the right project, ready to be billed.

  • Order corporate cards for your collaborators
  • Pay expenses with corporate cards
  • Confirm the project on which the expense is incurred
  • You are done! The rest is automated!
Set up custom approval workflows

Forget about complex approval process. With our Expense Management Software for projects and services, you can apply your internal policy and set up the right level of approvals. Whenever an employee generates a new expense report, the expense management system directs it to the right person for approval.

  • Design the right approval process
  • Custom workflows
  • Centralize approved expense
  • Access supporting document
Easily generate expense management reports for accounting purposes

Stafiz expense management software for projects and services helps you deal with expense reimbursements. Export all expense reports and attachments in the appropriate format for your accounting tool or accountants. Reports are pre-formatted to fit accounting purposes.

  • Select a period and generate reports
  • Link all supporting documents in winzip folders
  • Files are pre-formatted for accounting requirements
  • Use our API for an even faster data transfer
Link expense management with your projects, track their impact on margins and easily invoice billable expenses

Track expenses for each project and have a better understanding of how they impact margins. Let Stafiz alert you if you have not billed expenses that were billable.

  • Expense linked to your projects
  • Internal expenses can also be tracked
  • Easy expense billing solution
  • Track billable and non-billable expenses
Track all expenses
Benefit from a simple and powerful expense management software for projects and services

  • Claim for expenses on the go (Stafiz web app)
  • Scan invoices and generate expenses
  • Build approval workflows
  • Invoice billable expenses
  • Keep supportive documents archives
Plan how expenses affect your margins
Save time connecting expenses with project financials and invoices

  • Save many hours for your finance and HR team
  • Avoid losing time with data transfer
  • Improve project margin accuracy
  • See how expenses are hitting your numbers
  • Make expenses billing easier
Grow Faster
Improve expense management and generate savings

  • Be alerted when overspending occurs
  • Improve internal controls
  • Speed-up reimbursements
  • Benefit from a single integrated tool
  • Empower your management to monitor expenses

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