Management of resource planning

Resource search and allocation, schedule and workload management

Stafiz provides resource optimization tools and workload management plans:

  • Employee profile searching with skills management features
  • Task and project assignment
  • Monitoring of the forecasted workload
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Real-time visibility of employee schedules and workload

Stafiz offers you a hollistic, succint view of your employees' schedules

Simplified profile searches

Enter your staffing needs: skills, experience, functions, dates. Stafiz will automatically indicate and rank suitable employee profiles.

Comprehensive schedules

Take into account all scheduled activities: customer projects, internal projects, scheduled absences

Visibility for managers and employees that allows for:

  • better team workload management
  • improved clarity for employees regarding plans and tasks
  • easier project collaboration with interns and freelancers
  • arrangement of project and task timeline goals

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Improve workload management

Elevate company performance through improved workload management efficiency

  • Easy identification of discrepencies between planned workload and employee capacity
  • Easy access to employee over- and underload data
  • Immediate updates of remaining project work
  • Warning notifications for delayed projects

Simple employee profile search and task assignment

Identification of the most suitable employee, subcontractor, and candidate profiles from platform data

  • Skill-, experience-, preference-, and availability-based search features
  • Employee assignment based on customer needs
  • Follow-ups until the signature for the selection of employee profiles
  • Start-to-end creation and monitoring of projects and their activity

Reasons to use Stafiz for your resource planning

visibility on the availability of employees


Complete, centralized view of employee availabilities and workload

simplicity of employee management


Automatically assign employees and adjust schedules with just one click

real time reporting


Foresee workload issues and improve your utilization rate

Our customers speak better than we do

R. Beziz


From YouMeO by BearingPoint


"Managing our business has become so much easier since we started using Stafiz. It really has been a game changer!"

E. Stievenart

Associate Director

At KiMSO Consulting


"We highly recommend Stafiz: since the creation of our consulting company, we had tried multiple Excel files. Today,all our data is centralised in Stafiz, and we receive our dashboards in real time."

I. Lalet

Development and Support Manager

At Colorado Consulting


"Before using Stafiz, we were not able to improve our rates of resource planning. Thanks to Stafiz, we are managing our capacity much better and have improved our margins. Stafiz has really improved our performance.

They trust us

An example of a success story

Colorado consulting optimizes its utilization rate thanks to the digitalization of its resource planning

  • A single tool and centralized data
  • Real time update of resource planning with vacations etc.
  • Multi-criteria search engine and resource request management

Isabelle Lalet
Development and Support Manager
Colorado Consulting

"Since we started using Stafiz, we have seen our profitability increase, because we are able to smooth out the workload of our employees much better."

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