Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Solution for Consulting Services and Agencies

Streamline recruiting and hiring activities. Hiring successfully not only means recruiting the best applicants, but also offering a professional experience to every applicant, even if they are not hired.
With Stafiz, you benefit from the tools to improve both the candidates experience and the interviewer work.
Keep track of all applicants and reconnect if an opportunity that better suits them arises.

Build custom job applicant forms

Customize online job applications: build forms in your format, with your logo and get to know more from your applicants, in addition with CVs and cover letters collection.

  • Custom application forms
  • Custom fields and formats
  • Collect CVs and Cover letters
  • Build questionnaires
Track your pipe of applicants

Keep a centralized database of every applicants and get in touch with them if they are relevant for a new project. Display applicants by job application and roles.

  • Pipe of applicants
  • Applicants by roles
  • Applicant status updates
  • Central database for current and former applicants
Build interview and feedback forms

Customize online interview feedback forms. Save post-interview feedbacks to keep the right level of information on each applicant.

  • Online interview feedbacks
  • Secured access to applicant profile
  • Consolidated feedback
  • Applicant and interview status updates
Automated emails sent to applicants as interview process status are changed

Sync the HR email to send automated, pre-formatted an personalized emails as you change the application status. All your applicants will receive information about the status of their application and your hiring process will look even more professional.

  • Automatic emails triggered by status updates
  • Better visibility of the interview process
  • Reminders of next steps for each applicant
  • Save time for your HR team
Track candidates and interview process
Use a recruitment and applicant tracking solution for consulting firms

  • Build customized online application forms
  • Set up the interview schedule
  • Build interview feedback forms
  • Share interview feedbacks
  • Track the interview process status
Schedule interviews and feedback reviews
Offer your candidates a great experience and hire the most talented ones

  • Be alerted when to reconnect with candidates
  • Create customizable applying forms
  • Build interviewer feedback forms
  • Share feedbacks and hire the best
  • Archive resumes and cover letter
Attract the best candidates
Differentiate your firm and win the war for talents

  • Offer a professional candidate experience
  • Keep profiles for long-term hiring purposes
  • Take data-driven decisions and hire better
  • Keep an eye on the hiring process status
  • Save many hours streamlining the hiring process

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