Expense management

Expense Management Software

Give your collaborators the right expense management tool to save time as they claim for expense reimbursement. Let them scan receipts on their mobile phone to generate an expense report.

Benefit from a convenient expense management tool that directly updates project margins and let you invoice your clients.

also included

  • Device: mobile or desktop
  • Approval: workflow 
  • Payment: exports for pay
  • Reporting: detailed
  • Expense billing: Yes

How it works

  • Track
  • Plan
  • Gain
Track all expenses

Benefit from a simple and powerful tool to track expenses

  • Claim for expenses on the go (Stafiz web app)
  • Scan invoices and generate expenses
  • Build approval workflows
  • Invoice billable expenses
  • Keep supportive documents archives
Plan how expenses affect your margins

Save time connecting expenses with project financials and invoices

  • Save many hours for your finance and HR team
  • Avoid losing time with data transfer
  • Improve project margin accuracy
  • See how expenses are hitting your numbers
  • Make expenses billing easier
Financial Savings

Improve expense management and generate savings

  • Be alerted when overspending occurs
  • Improve internal controls
  • Speed-up reimbursements
  • Benefit from a single integrated tool
  • Empower your management to monitor expenses