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Follow the progress of your opportunities, pre-staff when they are confirmed, find the right profiles to start the project, follow the progress and profitability of your projects. Simply manage your business in Stafiz, and take off!

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Simplify the management of your business by bringing all your processes together in the same solution

Track the progress of your pre-sales proposals, simply identify available consultants with the right experience and gain visibility on the workload. Track the progress and profitability of your projects and invoice according to your deadlines. The simplicity that Stafiz brings to your consulting firm allows you to save time for all your employees


Gain visibility to improve your profitability and cash flow

Track key indicators and be notified when forecasted performance deviates from your objectives: project turnover and profitability, utilization rate and employee occupancy, etc. All the visibility you need to improve the performance of your business


Simplify collaboration within your consulting teams

Each employee has access to his or her own environment, adapted to his or her function. Notifications make it easy to collaborate with managers. Subcontractors can interact with your teams. All collaboration is amplified

Use cases

Improvement of the resource planning rate

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From resource planning to operations management

PMP is a French management consulting firm, created by former KPMG and PwC employees. With nearly 200 consultants, PMP is present in France, Canada, Africa, the Middle East and Benelux. The company has extensive expertise in innovation and transformation, customer capital, finance and performance.

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