Absence Management

Simplify the absence management process at your firm with an absence and leave management software designed for professional services organizations. Maintain the link between resource availability and absence management. build leave accruals and maintain the right internal control with approval workflows.
Easily track and approve leave requests
Check internal and external resource availability.
Follow employee leave balance and use a safe tool to build approval workflows and inform the right managers.
Resource schedules are automatically updated once approval for the leave is given.

Absence management software available from any device

Requests and approve with just a few clicks on any device, from the office or on the road: a full absence and leave management software to send and track absence requests, check impact on project schedules before approving the request.

  • Easy absence requests
  • Available on any device
  • Custom approval process
  • Absence reports
Multiple calendars, holidays, accrual rules based on each office or country

You may have different entities, in different countries, each with different holidays and absence management rules. Stafiz enables you to create specific calendars for each entities so that vacation calendars are always aligned with payroll information.

  • Multiple calendars adjusted for each country or region
  • Multiple possible accrual rules
  • Custom absence categories
  • Absence reports
Create and customize absence management approval workflows

Build and customize approval workflows: choose if you want one or more approval for each requests. You can transfer an approval request to a colleague if it needs a double approval level.

  • Custom absence management approval workflows
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Transferable absence and leave requests
  • Absence and leave internal rules followed
Link absences with availability and resource availability

Resource allocation decisions become much easier when you have a complete visibility over your team schedule, including absences. Once approved, absences are displayed in staff schedules and availability takes it into account. No risk to allocate a project to a collaborator who has planned vacations in the Barbados ! The absence and leave management software is linked with your day-to-day operations.

  • Real-time update on availability
  • Impact on staffing displayed before approval
  • Information to project leader
  • Timesheets populated automatically during absence
Track leave requests
Save Time with the right absence and leave management software for consultants

  • Choose absence categories
  • Configure approval workflows
  • Automate calendars updates
  • Absence reports
  • Leave balances
Get more visibility on availability
Make better staffing decisions knowing the full picture

  • Know when resources are unavailable
  • Check who can be a substitute
  • Anticipate under capacity
  • Control your internal leave process
  • Make HR work way easier
Generate Savings
Save time and improve internal processes

  • Check directly absence impact over planning
  • Replace mails with approval workflows
  • Follow internal policies
  • Avoid any resource surprise
  • Save hours for your HR team with automation

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