PMP x Stafiz

PMP centralizes all its activity in Stafiz and improves its profitability

  • Increased visibility on project performance
  • Major time savings for all employees
  • Reliable data available in real time

To better manage their activity, PMP turned to Stafiz. Initially to manage the resource planning , then secondly to cover the entire management of the practice.


  • Scope: France, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, Benelux
  • Users: 250 employees
  • Sector: Consulting

Context and problem

When PMP started with Stafiz in 2018, the visibility they had on employee workload and project margin was limited.

Spreadsheets that were too rigid made it impossible to have up-to-date data. Collaboration on these files was limited. And maintaining them took too much time.

By installing Stafiz, PMP wanted to equip itself with a solution adapted to the consulting profession, which provided the technological level to improve efficiency within the company

Their needs in brief:

  • Centralize their processes in a tool dedicated to the profession
  • Gain efficiency
  • Gain visibility

Frederic Jover - PMP


Stafiz has allowed us to grow our teams more efficiently. The structure that Stafiz provides us allows us to manage more and more projects while maintaining the expected level of reliability.

Frederic Jover
Co-founding Partner

Solution provided

So that PMP can work more efficiently and employees can benefit from better visibility of their teams and their projects, Stafiz has installed all of its functional building blocks.

From opportunity to invoicing, all operational processes go through Stafiz. Opportunities are better anticipated in meetings resource planning . The workload of employees is optimized and situations of under-performance resource planning and moreover resource planning have decreased.

The analysis of project performance has passed into the hands of project managers. They are notified when their project budget is at risk and can take the necessary actions before it is too late.



  • Process automation and time savings
  • Improvement of utilization rate : +30%
  • Improvement in project margins: +15% to +25%

Let’s find out together how to replicate this success at home.

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