Colliers x Stafiz

Colliers gains operational performance with an optimized resource planning

  • Better agility and collaboration
  • More speed in processes
  • An evolving tool

Aware of the performance issue linked to resource planning , the Colliers quality and methods team turned to Stafiz to optimize their processes. Their objectives were to replace heavy and rigid Excel files with a simple, always up-to-date and collaborative tool.


  • Scope: France
  • Users: 230 employees
  • Sector: Consulting

Context and problem

Key players in real estate consulting and services for businesses, Colliers France was looking in 2021 for a solution to manage their business in an agile, collaborative and real-time manner. resource planning .

The first issue is agility. The resource planning suffered from a too heavy, unsuitable and rigid management via Excel files long to update and containing errors. Project monitoring meetings quickly became a hindrance to development. In addition, as each project manager was looking to place consultants, it was necessary to put in place coordinated processes for optimized allocation of collaborators.

The second issue is the relevance of the planning. Colliers needed to further improve the creation of teams at the French level by taking into account skills and appetites.

The third issue is financial. The teams wanted to understand the impact of resource planning and its changes on financial and operational performance. Some examples of questions they asked themselves: what are the utilization rate ? What is the current and final margin?

Their needs in brief:

  • Track team availability in real time
  • Implement team schedules more suited to consultants
  • Have a collaborative tool


Stafiz allows us to have finer visibility on the forecast workload of employees. Our meetings resource planning have become extremely effective. We plan teams quickly and our employees are more engaged!

Eric Dubourget
Quality and method manager

Solution provided

The solution provided was personalized from start to finish by Stafiz. First of all, the team of expert account managers advised Colliers on the best practices to adopt and the best processes adapted to their operations.

The Stafiz platform, once configured, made it possible to address the issues mentioned. First of all, centralization and real-time management on a single ergonomic interface provides unprecedented agility and collaboration. Everything is immediately available: consultant availability is always up to date, which makes it easier to resource planning forecast.

Since visibility can be finely configured in Stafiz, the consultants had access to open missions, allowing everyone to be a “candidate”. Project managers benefit from an organized consultant allocation process improving efficiency.

Finally, the data from resource planning , feed the project management control engine, Colliers teams thus benefit from a financial management tool close to the field. Project managers keep an eye on key performance indicators that are always up to date: utilization rate and occupancy (by team, employee, etc.), or even the current and forecast margin.


  • Employee planning and needs management have been greatly simplified, providing previously unmatched agility. The meetings of resource planning are calm, no more need to send corrective emails.
  • Employees are more involved thanks to the consideration of their skills and appetites in the development of the schedule.
  • Finally, operational and financial performance increased tenfold.

Let’s find out together how to replicate this success at home.

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