How Stafiz helps you track time without timesheets

Timesheets, time tracking, timecards or whatever name we use for this process… How can we work without them ! Every day, week or month, we have to update them, go back through our calendars and making sure we have not forgotten any activity.

Of course they are important ! So many processes rely on their accuracy: billing, revenue and margin recognition, sometimes payroll… But gosh, how boring this whole process can be!

So we asked ourselves at Stafiz: how can we get rid of this antiquated process while simplifying your work and keeping relevant data? Because our goal andmission will always remain the same : always leverage technology to help you save more time, automating recurring tasks and develop the technologies that improve your operations so that you can focus on what counts most: your clients and your talents.

Thanks to Outlook and Google in Stafiz, you can now, if you want to, track actual time and schedules directly with your Google or Outlook calendars. You just add a simple code in the project name and Stafiz identifies and link this event to one of your project or project phase. If you regularly update your calendars, you will not have to track time twice: in your calendars and in your timesheets. Time tracking and project planning is updated in real-time as you update your calendars. This option can be activated for some or all the collaborators’ profiles at your firm, depending on the needs.

Are you ready to forget about timesheets?