We designed Stafiz to offer a different experience from complex ERP. We believe that each of your collaborators should benefit from a tremendous user experience, and work in a simple interface.
Forget about complex environments, useless features and sad design. In Stafiz, each user interface is customizable and aligned with specific needs.
It makes the onboarding process intuitive and easy for everyone.
And the deployment only takes two hours. This is a joy of using a platform fully hosted on the cloud!

Also included

Access Rights:
Set-up Time:
2 Hours
Data imports:
Every Week
Why Stafiz
Why Stafiz
A solution designed to make work easier

Can I personalize each user interface ?

Yes, each user can have different access rights. For instance, you can add your subcontractors on your environment but grant them a restricted access.

How is done the setup?

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Do I need to download anything?

No, the platform is entirely hosted on safe cloud servers with data are copied on a daily basis, and a 99.7% reliability.