Reporting and performance

Project Management Software

Improve performance with powerful reporting

Stafiz brings the visibility that helps increase your business performance: get real-time reports on projects performance, revenue and margin forecasts, productivity and utilization. 

Improve billable utilization, on-time delivery, project margins and cash collection. Identifying improvement levers and achieve operational excellence.

Available reports:

  • Billable utilization
  • On-time delivery
  • Revenue & margins
  • Billings
  • Production and capacity

How Stafiz can improve performance?

How can I increase project margins?

Reports with information such as productivity, margins and expenses provide you with a full visibility of your business performance, and help you identify levers of improvement on every KPIs.

How does Stafiz help me improve my cash-flow?

You receive alerts when you reach a milestone that triggers an invoice. You can also track receivable aging balance and cash collection details. Everything you need to improve your cash collection process.