Main pain point fixed :

Operations management

A comprehensive platform

When YouMeO chose to use Stafiz, it was still a young firm with a low level of processes. Deploying Stafiz was for YouMeO the right way to grow while maturing internal processes.

40% savings on financial administration costs


25% project margins improvement

Before Stafiz

Before using Stafiz, projects were managed with excel, emails and papers for invoicing. “As we started experiencing Stafiz, we asked ourselves the right questions and build efficient processes”. This is also what working with Stafiz enables: reimagining how to work better. Most of the administrative work was in the hands of the two partners who were spending considerable amount of time on non-valued added tasks instead of developing the business. YouMeO was growing quickly and it became clear that they needed a solution when they noticed that some work in progress was not fully invoiced, and when some expense reports lacked accuracy. It was also taking too much time to reimburse employees.

“Stafiz made our work so much easier”

Deploying Stafiz enabled the partners to empower their team, and make everyone aware of their responsibilities. The partners didn’t have to prepare timesheets and billing data for the accountants, everything was taken care of in Stafiz. “We have finally a system that was accurate, reduced our risks and provided overall visibility on our business. We save an incredible amount of time, and gain so much peace of mind.”

Now YouMeO is able to anticipate early in the project when it may take longer than expected in the budget. Stafiz alerts them and show where the discrepancies are. With this information, they can take decisions before it is too late and keep the expected level of margin.