Set up process

Setting up an ERP should be fast and simple: your business is to create value for your constumers, and internal projects like this one usually take too much time, especially given that a consutant typical day is generally very busy. That's why at Stafiz we take full ownership for the implementation and come with a process that significantly reduces the work on your side. Just have a look below:

Step Detail Usual user company involvement
1. Settings and options selection
  • Selection of features
  • Identification of parameters & options that need to be set up
2 people / 1-2 hours
2. Specific developments (optional)
  • Developments
  • Options setup
3. Data transfer (optional)
  • Export all files from previous softwares
  • Data formats adjustment to fit new database requirements
  • Test upload and tests
Variable, depends on extract options in your previous software
4. Training
  • Included tutorials to guide each new user through all features
  • Optional training (30 min to 2h depending on profiles)
5. Launch (over a weekend)
  • Closure of previous systems on Friday (if any)
  • Data extraction
  • Data processing & upload
  • Logins distribution (Sunday night)
  • Intensive customer support during the first days with Stafiz
Surprises There might be surprises like in any project, but no worries, we will always be here to take care of any issue -

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