Project planning & timesheets

With Stafiz you can easily manage schedules and know who in your team have availabilities : Managers can look at collaborators schedules, identify available periods and assign tasks; collaborators fill-in their timesheet directly in the system.

Resource management and project planning becomes very simple with Stafiz. Start using a simple and scalable timesheet tool.

Identify collaborators that are available and have the relevant skills
Chose the right and most suited available team member for your projects. Depending on the length of the project, you will be able to search with the appropriate view (days, weeks, months) among your team.

Take a look at your collaborators schedules in two different ways : either looking at the tasks that have been assigned to your collaborators, or looking at their availabilities.

Add your collaborators and subcontractors CVs in the tool and quickly identify the most relevant collaborator for a project. ("I need a consultant, who speaks fluent Spanish and who knows well the automotive industry, in 10 days, for two weeks”). Search for specific skills and seniority levels, among specific teams and contractors.

Quickly assign tasks
You can assign tasks in two main ways. First, by “booking an assignment". When a project starts, for instance, you may want to engage someone for 60 days. Stafiz automatically sets a 60 days project duration, consistently (2 days per week, for example) and only on the resource available days: In three clicks, you have planned for a project that will be done over 6 months! You can also schedule the work by setting a percentage (50% of their time, for example).
The other method is to manually select collaborators or contractors for specific days or times. Stafiz provides a range of user rights options, allowing you to choose who can access or modify data.
That's it! Now you just need to follow-up the project in Stafiz reporting tool! (see the project follow-up page for instance)

Input timesheets easily
Each user can have different timesheet settings: by day, half-day, hour, or minute, you choose! Projects can be divided in multiple sub-projects and you can get reports for each one of them. This is particularly useful if you have different billing rates for different tasks.
To save a lot of admin time (try and get everyone's timesheets on time!), reminders (displayed in Stafiz or sent by email) are sent to the scatterbrains!

Timesheets are automatically integrated in the project follow-up report and invoicing tool. At any time, you know how much time has been spent by who and on which activity. You get your full reports per team, per individual and can compare billed hours to actual hours, for instance.

Open access to your contractors and partners
To simplify your work, you can easily have your partners (subcontractors, freelance consultants, ...) use Stafiz and integrate with your projects. Now they can fill-in their own timesheets. Their data is consolidated, and you can have a full overview of your project status and financials.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Collaborators CV
Always up-to-date CVs (skills, languages, experiences, ...)-
Customizable skills fields (text, ranking, marks, stars, ...)-
Search for available collaborators
Availabilities and schedule display view
Search through skills, seniority level, ...-
Search through a pool of partners (freelances, contractors, ...)-
Project planning
Overall human resource management
Timesheets options: by the day, half-day, hour or minute
Seamless planning experience
Assign people for many months in just three clicks
Adjustable rights: view or modify depending on each profile-
Generic project planning
Record a task without assigning a specific collaborator
Future worload & FTE requirements
Easy timesheet fill-in-
Timesheet options: by the day, half-day, hour or minute
Automatic email reminders for late collaborators-
Direct link with engagement and billing reporting-
Multiple timesheets reports per engagement, person, team, ...
Chargeable ratio (billable hours / total hours)-
Outsourced workforce
Subcontractor self timesheet filling-in-
Subcontractor timesheets-
Immediate data consolidation-
Total days by projects (timesheets + previsional staffing)-
Timesheets and project planning valuations-
Benchmarks with production capacity-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, so we have developed a very wide range of options to make sure we perfectly fit your needs

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