Previsional staffing & timesheets

Stafiz allows you to manage calendars and the availability of personnel with ease: Managers can view availability, identify unstaffed periods and assign tasks; personnel confirm time spent on assignments.

With Stafiz, you can accurately manage human resources and the availability of personnel, and use timesheets to complete activity reports.

Identify available collaborators, with the right skills
Search for personnel who are most suited and available for your projects. Different options allow you to search across time periods (days, weeks, months) and as a percentage of project time.

Two views display how personnel are deployed: the "positive" view shows tasks which have been assigned. The "negative" view identifies staffing requirements and availability.

Enter CVs of consultants and contractors to quickly identify the right personnel. ("I need a consultant that speaks fluent Spanish and who knows the motor industry well, for the next two weeks”). Search for specific skills, seniority levels, among specific teams and among external partners.

Quickly assign tasks
There are two main ways to assign tasks. First, “block assignment". For instance, at the beginning of a project, you may want to engage someone for 60 days. Stafiz automatically sets the 60 days project duration, consistently (2 days per week, for example) and only on the available days: In three clicks, you have filled a position for 6 months! You can also recruit by occupation percentage (50% of their time, for example).
The second method is to manually select contractors for specific days or times. Stafiz provides a range of user rights options, allowing you to choose who can access or modify data.
Then, just enjoy the reports! (see the engagement follow-up page for instance)

Input timesheets easily
Each user can have different timesheet parameters: by the day, half-day, hour, or minute as you choose. Projects can be split and you can follow each different stream. This is particularly useful if you have different billing rates for different tasks.
In order to reduce administrators' work (who often despair of getting timesheets from everybody on time), reminders (displayed in Stafiz or sent by email) are sent to the forgetful!

Timesheets are automatically displayed in the project follow-up report and for billing. At any time, you know who has spent how much time on which activity and get full reports per team, per person or to compare billed times to total time worked, for instance.

Open access to your partners
If you want, you can open Stafiz to your partners (sub-contractors, freelancers) so that they can input their own timesheets. Their data will be aggregated, so you can have a full view of who has worked on your project.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Collaboraters' CV
Always up-to-date full CV (skills, languages, experiences, ...)-
Customizable skills fields (text, ranking, marks, stars, ...)-
Search for available collaborators
View of availability in the future
Search through skills, seniority level, ...-
Search through a pool of partners (freelances, ...)-
Staffing forecasts
Company-wide human resources management
Staffing options: by the day, half-day, hour or minute
Easy staffing forms
Assign people for many months in just three clicks
Customizable rights: view or modify depending on the profile-
Generic staffing
To record a task without naming personnel
Future charge & FTE requirements
Easy timesheet completion-
Timesheet options: by the day, half-day, hour or minute
Automatic email reminders for belated collaborators-
Direct link with engagement synthesis and billing-
Multiple timesheets reports per engagement, person, team, ...
Charge ratio (billable work / total work)-
Sub-contractor self-staffing-
Sub-contractor timesheets-
Direct aggregation to internal partners' data-
Total days on projects (timesheets + previsional staffing)-
Financial value of timesheets and staffing forecasts-
Remaining production capacity-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, and we were keen on developping a super wide range of options to perfectly adapt to your needs

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Stafiz is SaaS software for consulting & audit companies. It manages the full scope of activities, with staffing, reports, outsourcing, billing, expenses and holidays.