Reporting & intelligence

Stafiz proposes multiples reports to always have a complete view of your operational and financial activity. Apart from basic but compulsory reports (times, timesheets, sales, billing,...), Stafiz also gives you insight to improve your ratios, with comparisons with other companies for instance.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Reports for a complete view of the activity
Previsional times & timesheets-
Engagement global view
Sales report-
Billing report-
Collaborators' availabities-
Expenses report-
Company report
Team report-
Person report-
Timesheets filling & missing days-
Additional value added insights
Valorization of total production of en engagement: sale, costs and margin-
Engagement & client rentability
Production done and bills to establish-
Anticipation of under and over-staffing-
Comparison of ratios against other companies

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, and we were keen on developping a super wide range of options to perfectly adapt to your needs

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Stafiz is SaaS software for consulting & audit companies. It manages the full scope of activities, with staffing, reports, outsourcing, billing, expenses and holidays.