Recruitment management

Stafiz helps you handle your recruitment process, and create a great experience with your candidates that will differentiate your firm.

Simplify your recruitment process by having Stafiz take care of everything : You just need to set up the recruitment campaign in your account, and candidates will apply directly online (with CV and cover letter attached). Once you have chosen your talents, the successful candidates will be added to your collaborators with one click

Build your candidates database
Set up the type of information you want to receive from your candidates : set as many questions as you want, pick different skills and competences.

Candidates can be added in two ways: You either manually create a profile in Stafiz, or you let the candidates fill-in an online form in response to your job offer. In both cases, resumes and cover letter will be included in the candidate profile.

Experience a seamless recruitment process
Once a candidate profile has been added to your database, you can organize interviews. Line managers or administrators who will perform the interview receive notifications to plan the interview and share their interview notes in the tool. Stafiz alerts you if a candidate has not been contacted, so you make sure no candidate is left behind.

During recruitment process, the candidate status is updated at each stage. A summary is displayed for each candidate and the decision making becomes easy.

Customize reviews
Interviews feedbacks are fully customizable: you chose the type of information you want the interviewers to provide. You can assess how good is a candidate using the range of indicators the interviewers will have updated during the process.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Build your recruitment campaign
Customize the interview questionnaire and feedback form-
Online applications to simplify the process
Files management (CVs, cover letter,...)-
Workflows and notifications
Candidates list and reports
Status management: on-going interview, waiting for response, etc.
Recruitment workflow for multiple interviews
Interview reminders to organize, and send feedbacks to the candidates-
Customized fields for reviews-
Multiple assessment criteria : text, grades, stars, marks, ...
Seamless addition as a Stafiz user once recruited-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, so we made sure we developed a very wide range of options to perfectly fit your needs

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