Stafiz helps you manage applications easily, while creating a "client-like" feeling for applicants.

Simplify your recruitment process by managing recruitment entirely in Stafiz: You plan the application process in your account, and applicants apply directly online (with CV and cover letter). If you recruit, successful candidates are integrated into your staff team with one click

Create your applicant database
Customize the data you require from applicants: set as many questions as you want, identify different skills and competencies.

There are two ways to add an applicant: either create a profile in Stafiz yourself, or open an online form that candidates can fill in directly. Files like CVs and cover letters are managed in both processes.

Managing the recruitment process
Once an applicant is in your database, you can plan interviews. Line managers or administrators who have to perform the interview receive alerts to plan the interview and to write up interview notes. Stafiz alerts you if an applicant has not been contacted, ensuring no one is left behind.

At each stage of the recruitment process, status updates identify the progress of candidates. A summary of each candidates eases decision making.

Customize reviews
Feedback, written after interviews, is completely customizable: you decide what kind of information you want to ask to the interviewer. Assessment criteria uses a range of evaluation measures and comments.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Application forms creation
Customized fields to describe applicants-
Online forms for applicants to apply directly
Files management (CV, cover letter,...)-
Workflows and reminders
Applicants list and summary
Status management: select for interview, awaiting response, etc.
Recruitment workflow with multiple interviews
Reminders of interviews to plan, answers to send-
Customized fields for reviews-
Multiple assessment criteria : text, grades, stars, marks, ...
Direct integration in staff team after recruitment-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, and we were keen on developping a super wide range of options to perfectly adapt to your needs

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