External workforce management

With Stafiz you can easily manage outsourced consultants, freelancers or partners and forget about the administrative burden. They can get access to Stafiz and provide the same level of information as your internal workforce (timesheets, expenses, ...) so that when your managers or partners look at the figures, they get the full picture.

Add your outsourced consultants in Stafiz and let us handle the administrative hassle. Their expenses, timesheets, availabilities, and requests for absence will be taken care of and Stafiz will automatize the invoicing between your outsourced workforce and you. You can set up an access for them and only share what you want to share

Search for the right partners
If you need specific skills for a project, you can search in the outsourced consultants and freelancers database and find the best candidate. Provide your outsourced consultants access to Stafiz, so they can update their personal information.

Use this database to find the right partner for your project. Are you looking for someone who speaks Spanish, understands supply chain management and, preferably, someone with whom you have already worked with ? Stafiz finds the most suitable candidates according to your requirements. Screen through their profiles to look at their skills and feedbacks from other managers, and hire the best candidate.

Staff partners on your projects
Whether they are subcontractors, partners, freelancers or suppliers, input their details into Stafiz and track the profitability of your common projects. You can set up the purchase price (your cost) and the selling price (how much you sell them to your client).

You can manage external collaborators just as easily as your internal ones. Now you can stay flexible and hire additional workforce to respond your peak periods.

External access to Stafiz
You chose what your partners can have access to in Stafiz. Either you grant them no access at all - you will fill-in their timesheets or you can give them access to specific modules : timesheets; project overview; project planning; project reporting...

Simplify the invoice process with external consultants
With Stafiz you are able to track the invoicing process with your external consultants. You can check any time know how much they have charged, how much you have paid and how much is due in the future ("He worked 30 days this semester, but has not sent any invoice yet").

A report summarises your external workforce activity: Total cost, by project or overall. The project profitability analysis also includes the external consultants costs.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Finding partners
Browsing through skills within external consultants database
Check availability
Email request to update online resume
Operational integration
Purchase order and project selling price-
Consolidated project view (internal + external resources)-
External worforce time tracking-
Partners' access to Stafiz
Project reporting by external partner-
Project access rights adjustable to share information
Timesheets and project planning editing by external consultants-
Expense management included-
Partners' billing
Invoice forecast-
Receipt and external invoices recording-
External expenses reporting

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, so we made sure we developed a very wide range of options to make sure we fit your needs

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