Outsourcing management

Stafiz enables you to manage outsourcing and partnership work really easily. Whether they are freelancers or partner companies, integrate them fully into Stafiz to manage project development, and partners' timesheets and bills.

From finding the right partner to handling their project expenses, Stafiz manages external personnel. You control partners’ access and the information you want to share.

Identify the right partners
Search within the database of partners’ CVs (freelancers, for instance) when you need specific skills for a project. You can create open access, so contractors, freelancers and partners can update their own CVs.

Use this database to find the right partner for your project. Are you looking for someone that speaks Spanish, understands supply chain management and, preferably, someone with whom you have already worked? Stafiz highlights the most suitable candidates for your requirements. Simply view their profiles to see their skills and the feedback other managers have made, and hire the best candidate.

Staff partners on your projects
WWhether they are sub-contractors, partners, freelancers or suppliers, input their details into Stafiz manage them and track the profitability of your projects. You can enter the purchase price (the price you pay) and the selling price (the price you'll sell them to your client).

You can manage external personnel just as easily as internal staff. You can hire according to staffing forecast needs and input their time spent on project work.

External access to Stafiz
You determine the level of access partners have to Stafiz. From no access - meaning you manage their time for them; in this case, project leaders indicate how many days partners have contributed and how many remain. You can also define increasing levels of access for your partners, each one being independent: from staffing; project overview; timesheet inputting; modifying staff numbers; to project management.

Follow-up partners' billing
In Stafiz you can save the bills partners have sent you. At any time, you know how much they have charged, how much you have paid and how much is due in the future ("He worked 30 days this semester, but has not sent his bill yet").

A report summarises your partners’ activities: Total cost, by project, globally or over time. Their cost is also integrated in the calculation of project profitability.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Finding partners
Browsing through skills within a database
Check availability
Email request to upate online CVs
Operational integration
Purchase and selling price-
Aggregated view of a project (internal + external ressources)-
Reports on total workload by partners-
Partners' access to Stafiz
View of projects by partners (if you want)-
Varying access levels to modify projects (if you want)
Self completion of timesheets and staffing-
Expenses (if authorized)-
Partners' billing
Billing forecast-
Receipt and saving of partners' bills-
Follow-up of total spend per partner

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, and we were keen on developping a super wide range of options to perfectly adapt to your needs

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