Holidays management

Stafiz creates exceptionally easy holiday workflows.

Use a simple workflow, that formalizes leave requests and automatically completes the staffing requirements

Easily ask for leave
Making a request for leave is simple: just indicate when you want leave, the type of leave you wish to take (paid, unpaid) and that's it! Both the number of days leave and the type of leave are completely customizable.

Bank holidays are automatically taken into account, and deducted from the amount of days in the request.

Have leave authorised by the right people
With Stafiz, there are many options available to authorize leave in your company. Leave can, for instance, be authorized by the line manager. Another option allows the leave-taker to select the appropriate officer from a list; this is useful when the request for leave should be directed to the project manager. Authorization can be transferred if the request requires more senior approval.

Once authorized, leave requests can be inserted into staffing forecasts (to ensure they are not recruited when unavailable) and into timesheets (so data does not have to be entered again).

Get full leave reports
All personnel have access to a summary of their leave: how many hours taken and how many are left for the year. This information is available at all times without having to ask.

Managers and administrators have access to complete reports that show a summary of leave. If a request is made for more leave than the entitlement allows, an alert will be received, although leave can be granted.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Leave creation
Requests for leave
Customized holidays types-
Carrying-over leave from the previous year-
Accruing leave-
Authorising Leave
Authorisation workflow with emails
Automatic update to staffing forecasts-
Pre-filled timesheets-
Leave Reports
Full reports per person-
History of leave-
Alerts when too much leave is requested-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, and we were keen on developping a super wide range of options to perfectly adapt to your needs

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