Absence and leave management

Stafiz provides an exceptionally easy leaves request workflow system.

In a click, a simple workflow formalizes the leave request and Stafiz automatically adjusts the project planning accordingly

Make simple leave requests
Making a request for leave is simple: just select your absence date, what type of leave you want to book (paid, unpaid) and you're done ! Both the number of vacation days and leave categories are fully customizable.

Bank holidays are automatically taken into account, and deducted from the days count in the request.

Secure leaves approval with automated workflows sent to the right approver
You can easily set up your account so that the approval workflow respects your company approval policies. Leaves can, either be approved by the line manager or the leave-taker may also select the appropriate approver from a list; this is useful when the request for leave needs to be approved by the project manager. If the request requires more senior approval, the approval workflow can be redirected.

Once approved, the consultants schedules will automatically be updated (to make sure they are not assigned to a project when they are on leave) and into timesheets (no need for the consultant or the administrator to fill-in the timesheets during the leave period).

Get access to the overall leave reporting
Every employee can see a summary of the leaves taken and what remains until the end of the year: how many days taken and how many are left. This information is available at anytime for your collaborators.

Managers and administrators have access to a full reporting regarding leave management. If a request is made when there is no more days left, a notification will alert the collaborator who requested it.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Leave creation
Requests for leave
Customized absence categories-
Carrying-over vacation days from the previous year-
Accruing for leaves-
Leave approval requests
Approval workflow with emails
Automatic updates to individual schedules-
Pre-filled timesheets-
Leave reporting
Full reports per individual-
Leave history-
Alerts and notifications if an excesive number of days is taken-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, so we made sure we developed a very wide range of options to perfectly fit your needs

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