Expenses management

Stafiz provides a wide range of features to manage fees and expenses, from mobile scan creation to reimbursing petty cash. Sub-contractors can also create expenses, and project leaders have a full view of total expenses.

Easily analyze and manage your expenses from billing clients to reimbursing sub-contractors

Create expenses easily
There are two ways to create expenses in Stafiz; the first, ‘classic’ method, inputs all the required fields for the expense (project allocation, amount, type etc). It is also possible to use our web app: just click on the 'Stafiz expenses' icon on your smartphone, and you'll directly access its camera. The picture you take will upload to your Stafiz environment in 5 seconds, and will be integrated in the workflow.

The Stafiz expenses feature is fully customizable. Start by customizing the expense types you want to use. For each of them, you can choose a tax field (or not). You can define accounting information and whether additional files are required for reports. You can also authorise payments by staff. Administrators can enter expenses for personnel and sub-contractors, and you can enter supplier details for reports on your spending.

Authorise and manage your expenses
Once they are created, expenses can be authorised in a workflow. Options include allocation and authorisation by the project lead. Users can explicitly request a payment to be made or authorisation can be automatically requested at the moment the expense is generated.

After authorisation, expenses are dealt with in two flows: first, reimbursable expenses are reimbursed to personnel or sub-contractors. Billable expenses are automatically generated when you create a bill for your client, with a variety of options (true cost, fixed amount, with or without maximum etc).

Analyze your expenses
Generate reports that enable you to analyze expenses. You can, of course, view expenses for one project, but also for the whole company, by person or by status.

An excellent feature is the ‘project view’ of expenses. View all expenses sorted by status (billed or not, reimbursed or not) and by person, and see their impact on your profitability.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Classic inputs (engagement, amounts,...)-
Customization of expense types-
Non reimbursable expenses (paid with company money)-
Tax / VAT management-
Currency management
Mobile scan through the web app
Sub-contractors & partners expenses
Expenses validation
Validation workflow (many options)-
Amount maximums
Automatic billing to client
Reimbursement to collaborators-
Expenses reports
Expenses by project, type, person-
Expenses to bill to client
Expenses to reimburse-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, and we were keen on developping a super wide range of options to perfectly adapt to your needs

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